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Find your voice


Bono of U2 Bono truly believes that what he is popularizing will change the world, by changing how we communicate with each other…

Being active bloggers, we do that each and every post or at least try.  But when it comes to matters of the heart, how hard is it for many of us to communicate? I found this statement on communication –

denotes the allowing of others to partake or enjoy in common with ourselves

Sometimes the matters at heart are tough to take – but bottling up what it is we feel, and not communicating it properly will only weigh down your soul, it will bring to you emotional cob-webs.

I haven’t dated anyone in a very long time, I have been married to my guitar guru for 20 years, and I recently listened to someone who has is getting back into the dating circuit, and my mind was blown away by the “games” that are played with communication.  If we need something from someone, why do we skirt around the issue.  Why are we afraid to speak openly and honestly?

The Fear of the Loss of Love by Benny says it best, he does do an entire series on Fear,  I can not compete with his words, nor do I want to try.  What I do have to say is, if we do not say what is in our hearts to those around us, you will eventually regret it. Life is short!

Bono has a powerful voice, both with his music and his activism, he has the star status to back him up, but I belive he has a powerful inner strength that drives him to be the success he is, both with his music and the causes he belives in.

We all have things we believe in, utilize that belief,  turn it into something beautiful, give yourself the voice that will warm your heart, do not stifle your voice with your fear.  Disappointments will come sometimes when we communicate what it is we want, that’s a given.  If you don’t follow what it is you really believe in,  will it get you anywhere?

This is what is being said about the upcoming  U2 The Hype and the Feedback

A band of paradoxes, ironies, ambition and sincerity, their influence in the worlds of music, entertainment, popular culture, humanitarian relief and the global politics of peace and social justice should be the stuff of spirited conversation..

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I’m a huge U2 fan! You’re right about the communication thing. I’m learning and I think I’m improving with cutting through the bs and just say what I mean and what I feel.

Must be my age, huh?

chriss last blog post..It Is In The Eyes of The Beholder


I love Bono! I love his passion and his heart for others. I love that he loves Jesus. One of my faves!

I have a little something for you back at my blog.

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