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Finding Love Again


Life partners, lovers, friends, companions – they all have different names through out our lives.  No matter which stage of life we find ourselves in, we all seek companionship of one kind or another.

So, the story goes..

You have lost a spouse from a terrible disease or a tragic accident, someone you relied on each and every day for even the smallest of things.  Someone who captured your heart and made it go pitter patter.  Someone who was the peanut butter to your jelly.

I  imagine you wonder if you would ever be happy again.

Some years later, along comes someone, an old friend, someone reliable, kind and someone you are comfortable with.  It’s like your batteries have been put on a charger and zap… you smile, not just a simple smile, but one of those curling toes and goose bump smiles.

You feel alive again, you feel needed, wanted and loved in a way you questioned if it was possible ever again.

A beautiful story – finding love again.

So, now I wonder, how can family members on either side be angry, hurt or upset.  Kids, Grandkids it’s time to take a back seat.We can not be everything to our parents or grandparents, nor should we look at it as our parents or grandparents replacing someone.

finding_loveWhat is being replaced is emptiness & lonliness, what’s being replaced is a tear of sadness for one of joy.  I could never replace either of my parents, ever, ever, ever, they have been married since 1951 – and have taught me alot about life.

But, I wouldn’t want either of them to be so lonely that you could hear it when they spoke, see it in their eyes when a special holiday rolled around.  Wouldn’t you want them to bloom like spring flowers and thrive in the sunlight of finding love again?


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That is very beautiful…:)


…and it is amazing how many children (even the older ones) get very ‘strange’ when say, a widow re-marries. Lonliness in old age is a sad thing and if the chance to spend some time with a loved one is presented, it should be taken and viewed by everyone as a gift.

It’s a lovely, feeling post Susie.




What a great piece you wrote here. Very touching and a lot of feeling!


Frank Js last blog post..iQuarterback for iPhone is Addictive!



Thank you so much for sending me the link to this site. I read this and found it to be both beautiful and emotional. My mother is turning 60 next year and watching her struggle through 2 failed marriages and new “friends” that show up around the holidays really hits me hard, as I know it does her. I truley wish that she and all those alone…..find love again.

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