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Finding yourself in Muddy Waters


Muddy Waters is considered “The Father of Chicago Blues

Following suit of some of the greatest Blue’s Artists, Son House, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters was playing guitar at the yearly age of 17.

Having an appetite for all genres of music, blues, jazz, rock and country gave this blue’s man a fully rounded arsenal for music.

When you “Muddy the Waters” so to speak, you are making a situation less clear to yourself and to those around you.

When you need help, do you ask? When you screwed something up, do you come clean? These situations can be two-fold, but are necessary in your own success.

I read and learn from experience, and have stumbled upon many people in the online communities as well in our every day lives, that are willing to help and willing to teach.  But, there is a flip side as well, there are many that do not have the tolerance for questions or do not understand if you make an error. B

Let us imagine if Son House, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters would have been unwilling to teach and to inspire.   Muddy Waters had a hand in getting Chuck Berry’s first record contract, because he was willing to help, teach & inspire!

If such greats allowed attitude and ego to get in the way, would we be minus “Johnny B Good?” if so what song would Michael J. Fox have jammed to in Back to the Future? Would the inspiration chain have been broken? Great inspirations, can lead to great success.

From it’s original release in 1958 to 1985 in Back to The Future –  Johnny B Good is a great example of the inspiration chain and how other’s can lend a hand in history.

Ask for help when you need to, and admit when you made a mistake, it will be more easy to be corrected.  If you are on the flip side of that, what is it going to hurt you to give 10 minutes of your time and or, give an empathetic ear?.



muddy waters was great, he was a real pioneer. Great picture as well, they eyes are great. nice post.

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