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Giving animals a chance



I was sent two pictures from a friend down in Texas, someone who has opened up his heart and his stories, and has so kindly shared them both with me, my husband and my son.

Cutter, stumbled across some pictures online that reminded him of his two buddies, Chance & Spirit.

This was my first attempt at drawing dogs, and it’s the eyes in the animals that I was fixated on. The amount of comfort an animal can give us when needed has always amazed me, ever notice how if you are not feeling well, they are by your side or on your bed with you?

They have unconditional love for us, they rely on us to fill the water bowls, let them out and just love them. They don’t look for material things, well, my cats do, they are always stealing whatever they can. They won’t turn their backs on us, they are loyal and loving and can add warmth to our lives.

A Man’s best friend, I loved the names and had to incorporate it into the drawing, there are so many animals that need help, give them a Chance for their Spirits to soar.

We have two cat’s in our house that are never not in the room with one of us, they add a special something to our home. When you curl up on the couch for your favorite show, or just a good book and one of them joins you, curls up on your lap, starts purring and falls asleep, you can feel the compassion they have for you. Unconditionally, no strings, they just want to be loved & kept safe.

We adopted both our cats from Assisi Animal Foundation I highly recommend them and their plight as a no kill shelter.

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Those are really good drawings. I’m not so good at it. I’m a good doodler though.

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that is true , i’m not drawer or even artist ,
but i know that there is something in animals eyes that makes it really difficult be drawn the way it should be .

animals is the man’s best friend for sure , i’ve been in many situations that animals was really helpful ,

the tears-from-words are nice touch

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You captured so much with Chance. Spirit is great, also, but the eyes on Chance just reminded me of my pooch from long ago.

Brought a tear to my eye when you reminded me of how faithful a companion a dog can be. I was very ill, and the dog would try to push my very young daughter out of the way to get close to me. She yelled at the dog, “That’s my daddy.”

Thanks for the drawing. I hope you do more.

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@Joe – Thank you for such a warm compliment, thats really why I continue to draw, I want people to feel the emotions, and if I can bring back a good one. I am happy. Not that I wanted you to cry – but it brought back something important to you and I am glad I could do that!

Thanks for stopping in!


Love the picture! Chance and Spirit looks awesome. Are they a couple!?

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Aww, they’re so cute! Nice sketch there Suzy Q!


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I love the pic again 🙂
But I was most touched about your story of adoption. I have heard enough about pet stores and where they get their pets from and how, that I would not want to ever support it myself.
Animals are amazing and it is awesome that more and more we as humans appreciate them and treat them better.

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Animals always give to us peace of mind and relaxation that has no alternative . I more thing I would like to add is that your sketching is very good I like it very much keep up the good work 🙂

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