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Giving your world some wings


WingsI would like to thank Edgar Allen for giving me a big old kick in the butt this morning.  I am not sure if it was meant that way, but in my inbox this sunny morning, I got the following comment.

“I wish you would post more often…this is my “coffee drinking” blog:) “

I have neglected posting recently due to a “learning marathon” for a new job.  Which all tie’s into this post, “Giving Your World Some Wings” Quick sketch to go along with the post, so don’t critique it to badly, it only took me about 4 minutes to complete.  So, those of you who have been leaving the comments about, you suck, wrap it up, that is terrible, have at it!

How often do we say “Thank You” and really mean it? I had not heard those words in my professional life for close to two years, and in the last week, I have heard from four people, genuinely pleased with what I am trying to accomplish.  WOW…

The power of thank you, I don’t know about the rest of you, but it’s certainly has lit a fire in my accomplishment and achievement camp, it’s like showing a child how much fun life can be.  I recently did a guest post for The Encouragement Foundation titled Watch me, Watch me.  It correlates with the power of Thank You’s, you may enjoy it. We do many things for self satisfaction, but when we do something for others, and a personal thank you comes our way, watch out your world will start to grow wings.

Do not take for granted what others do for you, it only creates sloppiness – if you think your  accomplishments and achievements are solely your responsibility remember, someone, somewhere along the line gave you the foundation that you have grown on.  Tell them Thank You! Whether it was a teacher, a parent, a friend, a boss, or a lover.  Your acknowledgment of that fact will give their world some wings!

Thank you to a few people who have helped me grow –

My Guitar Modification Guru of a husband Buck
Mom of Course!!!
My Angel – (Dad) – Mom may disagree..but ya gotta admit, he is a cutie!
My Son – who has grown himself into a 6 foot 4 inch Gentle Giant, each day I am thankful for his guitar playing during the afternoon hours of work!
Frank over at Tech Jaws for helping a newbie and teaching me the ropes -and who hasn’t commented in way to long!
Becky – who always is an encouraging force and taught me what a keyword was
Carol – for her strength & support
Bruce – for taking me under his wing

There are many more – I shall save those for a different post

Go out today, and be thankful for the little things that life has to offer, and grow your worlds wings!.

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A little nudge is all we need to get motivated. Great post Sue!

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Good to see you post. I spent more time looking at it, then you did drawing it. 🙂

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Awesome! I really like them!

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Hi Sue ~ Good to see you on an ‘up’ wave


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Love the positive energy that radiates out past the negatives out of this post. Great job Susie – we definitely do not say thank you enough! So thank you 🙂

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Hi Sue,

I understand about not being able to post consistently when your other life takes over. Why not put your art work up anyway with or without any writing. I would still love to look at them.

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