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Going down to the beach!


Going to down to the beachDo you remember growing up and having Saturday Chores, when all you wanted to do was watch cartoons?

I do, but it was my sister who got to do the chores, I got to watch her and cartoons! (me-sticking my tongue out)

Well, now that I have grown up and have a home of my own, those chores need to be done regardless of what cartoons are on.

I set out one Saturday morning to clean the stairwell that leads to our basement. It gets alot of traffic, this is known as “The Bat Cave” and my batty husband spends the majority of his winter down there. Well, needless to say, with the nitty gritty dirty salty dusty residue that collects on the shelves and the walls. I had pulled all the junk out of there, and was all set to clean it.

I realized, I didn’t want to clean it, it needed something else. So, out came the paints and five hours later, we had Buck’s Beach. This was done in all Acrylic Craft Paints, I put some real sand in the paint to give it a bit of texture, as if you are looking out at a beach. Done on the 3 walls that encase the stairway, it gives a brighter look to the “Bat Cave”

So, when you are not up to cleaning.. I say paint it!

I also ran across a new RSS Feed Site today, you may all want to check it out!

~ Soul to Soul.

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Don’t forget the flip flops and cooler full of Coronas! Who needs cleaning? Looks very relaxing, a nice little cove, and a nice little daydream this time of year in the midwest! My son fell on the 4 solid inches of ice we have here last night, he is hurtin’ today…looks like he could use a lounge chair on your beach 🙂


That makes it look like there is something inviting down there. I love painting Murals, though the last one turned out a disaster because the person in the company who gave the order for the work was apparently not authorised, they did not pay for the job but kept the Mural, 2 weeks work down the drain.

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Nice and informative articles here….thanks…for effort full work..


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Great Mural and excellent idea. Makes me want to head to Hawaii.

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Haha, I love it! When I was younger I painted the wall behind my door with a tree and grass, so I could go sit under the shade anytime I wanted. Kind of funny, until I had to take the paint off the walls. =/ hehe

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