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Going to Bat


“Going to Bat” for others and having an appreciation for what’s going on with others around us.   In the last year, I left a good paying job, lost two close friends and one of my other friends is battling cancer, which is all to familiar, loosing my best friend five years ago to cancer was a time in my life that as I sat and told my husband, “I’ve got it all together” he looked at me quizzically and said,


“Than why is the money from your wallet under the kitchen table, and your shirt is not only inside out, but on backwards?”  (I’ll explain my theory on that at the end)

We find our lives intertwining with people daily, but do we take the time to go to bat for them when needed, or just be an added support system in a volatile world?  Many do, most don’t, but the emotional surge that happens when someone does, is UNREAL.  My boss/partner & mentor recently did that for me, he went to bat for me because he saw the value that I added.

Do you take the time to see the value in people around you, not only professionally, but personally too? If not, you should question yourself .  Each and every one of us out there knows someone who has been effected by the decline in the economy, if someone you know has been laid off, have you given them a call? Just to say you are sorry or you’ll keep your ears peeled?  If you haven’t – shame on you! (I know a few that have been long standing friends, that have just forgotten now that times are tough)

Friends, are someone you should be able to rely on no matter what situation they find themselves in,  with the good comes the bad, and sometimes all we need to hear is a friendly voice, a short email or even a small little card in the mail.  What has happened that would make our society so callous to reaching out and going to bat for one another?

This is next paragraph is not meant to toot my own horn – but to explain how I view people’s needs and how a moment in time can help someone…

My shirt being on backwards and inside out was because, I stepped up to the plate, for someone who didn’t have anyone else, my friend was alone,  her family members seemed to be “too busy” and she was dying, she couldn’t even warm up soup on her stove.  I stepped out of my life and let her life become mine for a short moment in time..

A time if I could change to have her here, I would, a time if I could change at helping a friend, I would not have done anything different.

The photo you see here, is one that took me months to acquire, this is ancient history, happening five years ago, but it’s like yesterday to me, and will forever be ingrained in my DNA – we shared a passion for Chicago Bears Football, and I wanted to do something for her to make her smile.

I contacted several people that may be able to get me an autographed photo of Dan Hampton, her favorite Bear, and Richard Roeper stepped up to the plate and did what he could to make it happen.. for a stranger. Dan Hampton went well beyond anyone’s call of duty for a stranger with not only this picture and an autographed ticket to opening day at the New Soldier’s Field but with a personal phone call to Diane – her eyes lit up like saucers, and that’s a memory that’s tattooed in my mind’s eye.

Step up to the plate for someone in need, give thanks for those around you!

Soul to Soul – Happy Thanksgiving

~ Susie.

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Amen and amen, girl… so should we all!! Great post

Judy Rodmans last blog post..Thank You!


Nicely done.

And I want you to know that I appreciate you as well. Thank you for the links to sites and the offer to help whenever possible. You are truly a great individual and I am honored to know you – at least what we see of eachother online.

Many thanks.

David Thorne
Media Morgue

Judges last blog post..For Your Consideration


Good points made here. Would the people you are friends with be good to have in a foxhole watching your back? The few good friends I have made over the many years would, as I would in return, to the death.
Karma, “The people you meet on your way up, you meet on your way down”. Little Feat.

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soulMerlins last blog post..Obama and the Great Bear


Not only I’m astounded by your art work, but with your posts as well. Very well written and inspiring. It’s a reminder to all of us. Thank you for this enlightening post to start my day! And nice to know you.

Ching Yas last blog post..BURN AFTER READING : Movie Spree (7) !


That is a very cool story. Almost makes me wish I were a Bears fan. Almost.c


Little sister, Diane was blessed to have you as her friend and she knew that. As you know what I say from experience, be happy you can tie your own shoes and wipe your own fanny (there are many that are not able to). And if you can’t it is rare to know you have a friend that will. You were that friend for Diane.


What a great story and you got the autograph to boot! That is a heck of a feat!

Lindas last blog post..A Better Way?


Dear Susie, as my appreciation for you commenting on my blog, I did a linklove for this blog post of yours. I’m sure my readers will appreciate your sketch as much as I am. Thanks again for your support. =) Take care.

Ching Yas last blog post..Get Me Outta Here!!


@ Ching Ya – THANK you so much – and I will go on over and check it out!

@Linda, yes I did, and it hangs proudly on my wall now!

@Carol.. are there other fans than BEARS fans?


You are a great person. You have an amazingly warm heart and this is great advice. Thank you.


It is great to see people caring for others. I think all of us can learn from this post on how to care about those around us.

melanies last blog post..R.I.P. Tiny

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