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Hendrix and Vaughan – Guitar Legends


Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar Legends

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Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar Legends.  Stevie Ray never got to see Jimi perform live and yet, he had great success in uncovering his talent.    Stevie once said humbly about being compared to Jimi Hendrix, that “there is only one Jimi Hendrix.” “I just want to keep his music alive.”

As Stevie never got to see Hendrix live, I did not get to see Stevie live, my husband Buck had the honor to do so in concert 1986 at Poplar Creek in Hoffman Estates, his girlfriend back then, nut job she was, would sit in her shoe closet, and hit herself in the head with reebok’s, it’s a good thing he got rid of her. Someone gave her tickets, not knowing who Stevie was, said take these, “who wants to see some hillbilly a$$ehole…”  

I searched YouTube for the rare interview that I have of Mark Goodman and Stevie, when Stevie talks about the dreams he had of Jimi, where they sat across from one another, just listening and sharing.  I believe if we are all open minded enough, we can feel the energy of those that have past.   If you want to see an honest, humble Stevie Ray Vaughan on YouTube watch this clip when his friends talk about him, he is head down and uncomfortable with the compliments.  Yet he touched so many.

What motivates us? When I hear Stevie rip through a song, with grace and ease, like he is walking down the street, that motivates me.  That put’s me in a mind frame of getting things done.  When we get up in the morning, we should be getting up to something that makes us feel good.  Why the guilt when we indulge in ourselves in activities that we enjoy and make us feel good. 

I sat here the other day, pencil in hand and thought, I should clear out the dust bunnies and get the floors scrubbed.  Instead, I took three hours to start a painting and get some items in order that will be auctioned off in February.  (more details will follow.)

Life is too short, enjoy and always remember “no doubt.”

~ Soul to Soul.



Nice work! I have a card of Jimi lighting his guitar on fire during woodstock. it’s like a hgocky card but music ones! Very cool stuff!


I wish you would have chased the Dust Bunnies, I’m having trouble breathing HAHA Your better Half


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my most fave two musicians who i have studied over and over many many times.. there isnt anyone who can compare to those two… jimi was a fan of albert (King) Stevie Ray Was A Fan Of Jimi, and im a fan of all three.. my they rock on for the angels always … ill b jamin with them up above someday



Sports players will always be the same, which is why they keep getting arrested over dumb crimes. You’d think they’d change.

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