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Horsin' Around – Farm Heritage Shows


Growing up on a small farm was awesome, a few years back my Horse Pencil Sketchingfather, son and nephew restored an old 1951 Allis Chalmers Tractor, they were in the Lake County Farm Heritage Show, and I was in awe of all the kids that were completely fascinated by the animals, equipment and tractors. 

This was a daily part of my life from five years on.  It’s funny how most little girls when I was growing up were enthralled with and had a love for horses. Than we grew up and it changed to men.  Boy, if only we knew!

Baling hay is still part of our summer ritual, and my dad at 82 still is out there busting his hump.  This is a sketch that I did of one of my first horses, he was eight years old when we bought him when I was five, he lived to be over 35 years of age.  Gunsmoke went blind at an early age, it is called ERU.  It was amazing how comfortable this horse seemed in his environment, he didn’t seem to loose all his sight at once, and was in such familiar territory.  Caring for a blind horse can have it’s challenges, but there are many resources.  It seemed Gunsmoke did not shed his winter fur as well as he aged, he became a wooly mammoth, if he was not attended to regularly.

As spring time approaches, and the weather warms up and if you have small children, I highly suggest to take a drive in the country or search for a Farm Show to expose not just your children to this type of history, but yourselves as well. .

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