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How Deep are the Waters – Shark Week


Andy McKeeThe week has wrapped up at Tech Jaws Shark Week – Frank over there is a good friend of mine and I am always amazed at all the information and people he finds online.

After all, he found me, over at.. the  defunct entrecard – Frank has taught me about friends, family and fun.. as well taking me under his wing and teaching me the in’s and outs of blogging.  As well as Business Plan’s – which my friend, I’ve done nothing with…yet..

Frank never fails to be a stumble away or an instant message answering my questions! THANKS MAN! CHEERS!

This is a sketch of Andy McKee, I am using this picture of him and him as a reference because this is not normally something I would listen to and online networking is something not all people are into, but the possibilities are so unlimited.

No matter how deep the waters are, we need to test them to find our place.

Stepping into shallow waters is your best bet when it comes to finding your niche.   Don’t dive into the pool until your certain the waters are deep enough or shallow enough in some cases.   My son introduced me to Andy McKee and when I read his bio – it explains how he brings something new to the industry.

We should all bring something new to our own lives, whether it’s people, hobbies or music.

Frank – thanks for showing me some of the ropes and opening my eyes to many things.. we love you with all our hearts..

Everyone else reading this, learn from others, teach others and never forget to listen to someone that you may not always listen too.. no matter what, there is something they can teach you..




I am in awe! I am so lucky to have come in touch with you and Buck. I am blessed for sure. Thank you so much!

BTW – Are we going to Barbecue next week at your place?


@frank! WE Love you – sunday would be good for bbq – saturday is out, moms 80th..if she is not in the hospital, long story, but Stevies anniversary is not til the 27th..


29th may be a better plan as Sundays are tough with work the next day.


Frank has taught me a lot and been very supportive. It’s gotten to the point where I run most of my tech questions through him before I take action. TechJaws it A+.


Frank is a nice guy, providing informative posts in his blog while supporting others in SU. That’s how I know him online. Imagine I was totally surprised finding out that he knew you personally, Susie. It’s a small world in the internet. Anyhow, wish you guys have loads of fun at the BBQ. Both of you are great individuals. Best wishes in life!

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Frank, like I said many many times is DA MAN!


Hello Susie. I do agree with you. We have to test the water first before we dive in. It would be so irrational to just jump in without having the pros and cons, right? Well, opening our lives to music is great. Opening our lives to hobbies, we have to consider the pros and cons..opening our lives to people, it think that is where we have to test the water before we make the jump in.

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