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It's easy if you try


John Lennon

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…..

I was hoping to have this sketch of John Lennon finished for Memorial Day, but time just slipped on by.  There are several quotes from John Lennon, that provoke one to think of peace.

Peace resonated out of John Lennon, his music and his art.  If we can take a moment each day to find that little slice of peace, we can all come together to turn into an infectious cycle.  Turn off the TV, put down your paper, and forget the reality television shows for just a day.  Turn your attention to creating a peaceful moment for someone.

Send a short note to one of our many service man that are somewhere in an un-peaceful situation, let them know they are thought of and we wish them a moments peace.   I have worn a Military POW/MIA Bracelet for one of our Veterans for several years his name is Anthony F Housh, and I just got in contact with one of his nephews, he knows that this man is being thought of, and for his service being honored today.  I hope that brought peace to him and his family to let them know, he is not forgotten.

Peace is a tough challenge to concur, one that’s been debated for centuries,  but if we begin with one foot in front of the other, among ourselves, our families, our friends…it’s easy if you try.

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Very well done. Thank you for having it done by today.

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Very well done, as usual, Imagine!

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I love all your work and find them very motivating as i have just taken up drawing as a hoby.If you have the time please look at my first pencil drawing on my site,i would love to have your thoughts.Thanks for sharing your work on this site as it inspires me to keep at it and one day get the results i am happy with.I will continue to vist your site for inspuration.

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Peace can be achieved if we have more peacemakers. And to be a peacemaker you must learn how remove hate from your heart and forgive your enemies.

This is indeed hard to do but it’s possible. Gandhi and Martin Luther King have proven it so.

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This is one of my favorite songs to teach. It’s not too hard for beginners and more advanced students can pick it up in a practice or two.

The hard part is getting them to sing with the playing. The lyrics make this song more than the music.

p.s. I always enjoy your drawings. Great Work!


I love this one! I kind of like it that it’s “unfinished”… His life was cut too short.

The fingering hand is in detail, but the strumming hand isn’t… unfinished and unable to play the guitar in this sketch.

Another thing that interests me, is how one half the t-shirt on the unfinished hand side is in detail, and it is just the opposite on the strumming hand. Maybe this shows more of your drawing process?

Anyway, I love it!


@Julie, I loved your observations, and didn’t even see that correlation, how cool though.. it makes me think.. imagine! :)

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