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Judging a Book by Its Cover


We have all done it… that’s for sure.  Here is a quick 10 minute sketch of Alice Cooper, who could sum up, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

I simply was amazed to learn, Alice Cooper has been married to the same woman for over 30 years. By just looking at the cover, I would  not have guessed that.

Known for his fake blood, electric chairs and goth before it even had a name.

30 plus years with his wife.  In the rock standards, that’s a flipping miracle.  Alice Cooper has entertained us for over 5 decades, some of which I was a wee one, but none the less, his appearance can be a little daunting.. but it doesn’t change the fact that he is a heavy metal icon.  Have you stepped out of your realm lately and listened to anyone’s music that by chance you wouldn’t have because the cover wasn’t appealing.

How quick do we form an opinion, solely on appearance?

I shutter at admitting this, but one day last week, in the wasteland of winter blues, I worked with my laptop from bed, that’s not what I am shameful to admit….. I watched Oprah..yeap..Oprah, will I again, not until Palm Tree’s Grow in Chicago Naturally.. “I’m just not into Oprah”

I sat sadly though, for the teens that were on this show, struggling with weight issues, quite an eye opener to how quickly opinions are formed on appearance.  Struggling through school to make friends, to gain self confidence.

How quickly we judge the book by the cover, I am guilty of it myself.  If we took the time to get to know the person behind the cover, we may find a unsuspecting friend, companion or even a great piece of music..



You are right. We should never judge a book by its cover. (Nor should an entire group be tarnished because of a bad apple or two.) I feel especially bad when children are ridiculed for their appearance, or any other reason! ((I’m not an Oprah fan either, but damn, once in a blue moon the tv miraculously gravitates to that dang channel. Like watching a train wreck. Have to look.))

It’s funny you did this drawing when you did. I was JUST telling someone, Mr. Cooper is also a very intelligent man and perhaps should run for president, just after I paid attention to the line he sang “If that don’t suit you, that’s a drag. Can’t solute you, can’t find a flag” in “School’s Out”.

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Definitely one of the most frequent wrong-doings of human beings. I can’t agree it more, although even myself at times, judging people way too early. Really feel bad about it. Hope this serves as a reminder to all of us, don’t judge too early, in fact, Don’t Judge At All!

Also, Susie, I’ve tagged you in this post
. Enjoy !

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You couldn’t be more right. I worked in as a loan officer for a long time and would see clients and instantly form an opinion on how likely they were to be approved based solely on their appearance. Then when the interview began, I was proven wrong more times than not. Someone may not have the nicest (or cleanest) clothes, but they would pay their bills on time and have some savings. It really changed my way of thinking.



As a long-time avid Steven Tyler fan, I found this page. As an artist, too…I’m glad I did.

My style is ultra-feminine and I like to, let’s say, enhance features. This is not because these are the things that matter to me in a person, but rather, it’s the inner-sexpot that I find in the women who inspire my work.

I, myself, don’t do portraits. I try to create interpretations of personalities that influence my life because I’ve always believed that the only part that counts is what’s on the inside.

It’s truly part of my mantra.

So, as you might imagine, I’m really happy to have discovered your site and to read your post tonight – because it’s always great to get reminders that we have to look below the surface.

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Oops – I meant I found this blog because of Aerosmith…not particularly on this post since Alice Cooper is on this page. But I love it all. So glad to have found you.

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Alice Cooper is a stand up guy, he has his own radio show and he really has had a radically different personal life from his stage life. It is good to see that there are a few people that are still pretty normal outside of the limelight, especially back in the hairmetal days. nice pic btw.


Yes, like the respectable guy (looking like a bank manager) who banged into the back of my car, then suggested we both pull over to the side and exchange details. I got in my car and he was gone, with his lights out so I couldn’t read his plate….then again….how many ‘respectable’ bank managers are there, as the recession has shown!

You’re go right Susie. I like Alice Cooper a lot and your sketch(s) of him are great. (looks very pretty on the right-hand one)



Never good so quick to judge someone just by appearances. This is a great life lesson that I think most people take for granted. Stereotyping someone based on looks is just wrong.

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