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Lend a Hand



This was an original sketch that was on put on the chopping block for Children of Fallen Riders,  the one that made the cut for the T-Shirts can be seen below, but I thought it a good one to go with this post.

Lend a hand…why? BECAUSE you can!

Yes, Buck, Mickey & all anyone else that would like to chime in, I am one of the worse culprits of taking help.  My strong suit is giving it, I have now worked for two months on the COFR project, it’s brought some interesting folks into my life.

I am not a rider, but have listened to some stories that raised the erector pili’s (look it up), and have heard the passion in several voices about the cause.  This is not a post to push the cause, it’s a post to push lending a hand, no matter what or where you do so, you will walk away with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

It’s all about learning, walking away with an education on something you know nothing about.   Forming new networks, whether in your everyday life, or online, there is a plethora of people out there that can help, IF they so choose.

Realizing that what you hold passionate, other’s may not, but you know…respect them for trying!

There are those that step up to the plate, and there are those that just sit in the dug out.  Do you want to be in the dug out all the time? Or do you want to get up to bat and give it your all?

I am not sure where you can find a driving force but when you look deep down within yourself, you can find something to put your all into.  Why is it, that so many people seem to be putting their all into Negative B.S. ? Move on folks, and spread your wings, be happy for someone.  Learn from someone, take a chance and put your B.S. to rest!

If you don’t, it will come back to you someday, in some way and you may have just bitten off the hand that holds your fate..



Susie, The world to start thinking like this, before we all loose our compassion gene. The Digital age has made us grow cold to human emotion, and why not you can satifiy your needs by texting,cell calls, etc. We don’t have to go face to face anymore, look into peoples eyes and see what’s going on. we can tell ourselves we did that with the touch of a button. How cold, how sad


How inspiring article is this. Thinking of others and helping them is way beyond that our of our choice, if we can why not and if we can’t just try to give support. Being kind and generous without waiting for a change gives us a lot of opportunity to find peace of mind in our life.


I would be better to get up to bat and give it all than be in the dug at all time. The good thing about lending ones hand is that it gives an inner happiness and satisfaction for the person giving. That gratification is already a gold in itself.


Kristi & Joe thank you both so much for these gorgeous potohs! Steve and I can’t stop coming back to your blog to take a look at them they so wonderfully capture the day. Thank you thank you!! You guys are the best.

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