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Let's Put Some Laughter In The Day


Think about that good old  belly laugh the one that makes your face hurt.   Do you remember the last time you laughed like that?

Let’s put some laughter in the day, share your stories of gut busting laughter! (mine is below)

Just Smile! It increases your face value and releases endorphins.

We go through life with the weight of the world on our shoulders, and forget that we need to laugh and make others laugh.

Let your hair down, and take off your hat.  This moment in time can never be relived.

No wasted time, we’re alive today
Churnin’ up the past, there’s no easier way
Time’s been between us, a means to an end
God it’s good to be here walkin’ together my friend.

By: Doyle Bramhall

stevie-ray-vaughan-with-no-hatStevie sang these lyrics on The Sky is Crying, no wasted time, we’re alive today.

Stevie had one of the most vibrant smiles and facial expressions – so I decided to share this image of him, with his hat off, the sparkle in his eye and a huge smile.  If you are not aware of his crazy alter ego – Brady – I will have to share that some day as well.

I don’t recall the latest gut buster – but hope you enjoy the story

I was 17 – drove a car with no air conditioning, came out of work, got in the Sunbird, and wiggled – at that time I could easily wiggle out of my upper undergarment, and the girls were free.  I threw the undergarment in the passenger seat, and was off on my errands.  The local grocery store was the first on the list.

What an ego boost when a bunch of guys whistled at me onto my way in the store – I strolled through the grocery store, and as I went to pay for my purchases.. just guess what was hanging off my purse straps.. yeah..that easily wiggled out of undergarment, how do you explain that to the cashier!.



You crack me up, We went to a Winger concert, it was a general admittance concert so you just stood next to the bar. A young lady who was dressed to kill and knew it came strutting out of the bathroom like she was it! Everybody was watching her waltz out, and she loved it.

She had a long piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of her shoe and did not know it!! LMAO!!

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HAHA.. That’s great, you made me laugh today! Just those silly things – Thanks for stopping in!


I was the male dancer in a passionate duet, with lots of acrobatics turns and spins. The dance ended with the girl across my knee, all streached out and languid and me all noble….except my toupee had become detached from my bald spot at the back, and…as I leant over her, it landed on her face.

The audience howled

It took a long time for her to talk to me again.





oh Henry, NO!

Good story Sue, I was really afraid you were going to say something else was hanging out!

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I was not touched by a person or by someone’s website for a long, long time. Actually, I had forgotten something important about myself. Namely making sketches, painting, drawing. I was doing it in my childhood passionately. I knew that it was more than just a passion, it was diving into the other world, it was feeling, pure feelings. By chance I stumbled upon this website and – I was touched! By this website, by this person, by the name of this website, by the name of this person. Susie, I love you! I wished there would be lots of Susies like you in the world. You know how to look into the soul of living creatures, you know how to convey that particular view that you get from them to the whole world through the world wide web. You definitely have a clean soul. Honestly, I have some tears in my eyes because absolutely everything fits: who you are, what you do, the name of the website… I wish you a long, long, loooong life.

From soul to soul,


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