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Magic Carpet Ride



I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost 3 weeks, but I have had my hands full! It beat the 12 foot ladder and this 20 x 5 foot mural is my latest creation and the story behind it has been a Magic Carpet Ride!

Atop that 12 foot ladder at Classic Muscle Cars, in burst the carpet guy with a, ” holy crap that’s cool, call me when your done with Tony, I want a picture in my store, do you need a room carpeted?

“Yeah.. I have a  small room in need of carpet”

I did some pre-lim drawings after talking to carpet guy and he chose his 55 Chevy – then he came to measure my “small room”, which by the way is the entire upstairs of my house.. and he said.. “whose getting a deal here? This is a lot of damn carpet!”

The barter factor kicked in, and you can now find Tim Adkins – Carpets 4 U II on the web, it’s a work in progress… and I need my son’s room carpeted!

Someone recently made a comment to me about my artwork… ” do you really like doing that? Do you get good money for “stuff” like that?”

Sorta pissed me off, anyone who knows me knows that I like to be creative!

Yeap! Ya gotta do things ya like, you never know where it will take you and what opportunities it will put in front of you.  I love marketing and meeting new people from all walks of life.

I’ve met some really decent people while working with Tim in the past few weeks.  Amy his secretary is just one of them and yes Amy, I will  pull your picture off the site but ya gotta get me a good one and we’ll get it up next week.

We are putting a marketing plan together, you may just hear me on the radio soon!

I also have some cool guest writers coming up so stop on in…

Mark Campbell from SoulShaker a friend of Steve Marriot’s is gonna share a few stories!

As well as some insight on playing music from Reed Terry!

Stay tuned.

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That’s some American muscle for us all. I also wanted to comment that it is really amazing to me that so few people don’t understand what it is to be creative and how personally satisfying that is. I can understand how that statement would piss you off.

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