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Mama, I'm coming home


Ozzy Osbourne & Sarah Pencil SketchYou made me cry, you told me lies
But I cant stand to say goodbye
Mama, Im coming home
I could be right, I could be wrong
Hurts so bad, its been so long
Mama, Im coming home!

This was a gift for the little girl I never had! Sarah! How would we all feel if our daughter called you and said.. Mama, I’m coming home……and she brought home someone like the famed Ozzy? What a story that is, I watched Dee Snyder’s wife talking about when she brought him home. What a fun program to watch.  It doesn’t always turn out bad!

Sarah’s a rocker – that’s for sure, at the great old age of 11, she know’s what good rock music is! I love seeing when younger kids get into the heart of rock ~n~ roll, that my generation grew up with.  I enjoy seeing the spark of interest in the old albums that have been tucked away into the attic and they start digging through them.  My son, Jake has been playing guitar for two years now – and he isn’t playing all the new stuff, he is concentrating on Grand Funk, Aerosmith and some I have never heard of even from my era. 

I took a light box to get the characters correctly proportioned on this sketch for Sarah’s birthday.  Having to take and manipulate the pictures via scanning and printing to get them sized correctly so they would fit into one another like a puzzle piece.  Done in Woodless Graphite – 97-4B..

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It is even more fantastic in person.
Once again, another work of ART!
I think what makes your art so great is the heart & soul you put into them. Each one has a purpose. A deep meaning. That makes all the difference.


Nice work Susie, it’s great to see someone who’s willing to share their creative works and personal insights online.

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the sketch was so fantastic! you’re such a talented person. i can really see that you’ve put your heart, soul and passion in this work of art. impressive, indeed. 🙂


Ozzy!!!! Though I was lucky to see Black Sabbath 4 times and was once in froint row seats at Madison Square garden, this was the night of hell.

First off it was cold out and someone stole my jacket, go figure. I was still happy with the performance until I found out the last train left to Long Island so I had to sleep in Penn Station.

Not a bad trade off for a great concert. BS rules that night, can you guess who warmed up for them?


Would that be Joe Satriani?

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