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Move Over Monday – Janis Joplin


Could there have been a more outrageous woman personality that spoke the 70’s as soon as she hit the first note in a song?

You say that it’s over baby, Lord,
You say that it’s over now,
But still you hang around me, come on,
Won’t you move over.

It was a time for poet’s and her and Jim Morrison set the tone for scenes upon scenes for the psychedelic rock movement, their raunchy and rebellious behavior was one that the teen scene flocked to.  Imagine the fantasy of The Poet in Exile, our fantasies of rock legends, alive, on an island.. another well worth the read.

No matter what lyrics Janis sang she bent the throttle on them, reaching into the gravely under tones and the seedier side of life, we lived vicariously through her as we traveled down that Highway with her & Bobby McGee.

Not only did the song take us on a journey across the country, but Joplins short career gave us some all time greats.  Her last recording was Mercedes Benz an astounding throaty sound that Janis was known for.  There was a song written for Janis by Nick Gravenites, she was supposed to record the lyrics the evening she passed away, it appears on Buried Alive in the Blues (+ Bonus DVD)
It is well worth checking out, our imagination can run wild, thinking of how the Babe of Blues would have performed this song..



Bette Midler’s “The Rose” was on last week. Prompted this big discussion between my hubby and I about the psych. rock era, Janis Joplin, etc. I don’t think we shed new light on anything, but I have a few new bits of trivia to share with him after reading your post.

Rock on!

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