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Opening the doors to Inspiration


Inspiration from our Mentors

Mentor = a trusted counselor
Inspiration = unusual creative activity of the mind

Putting the two together creates a phenomena, and when we get the chance to meet up with someone that we have looked to as a mentor, watch out for the creative hurricane to begin.

Carol Moxley of She-Lives and Bass-ically Speaking had the chance to interview one of the most talented woman bass guitarist in our history. Carol Kaye – The First Lady of Bass.

In one of the quotes, Carol Kaye say’s…”Your whole demeanor changes when you change that inner voice that keeps you locked up in chains.”

Competition in every aspect of our daily lives is overwhelming, in every adventure we seek there will always be someone who came before us that did extraordinary things, someone we can learn from. We do ourselves in when it comes to mentoring those around us, and those that have the knowledge that we seek do the same by locking themselves up for “security” reasons.  Whether it’s job security or emotional security or just down right ego.

For Carol Kaye to take the time to allow Carol Moxley to do an entire series on her life as a musician,  struggles in a male dominated industry and the challenges she faced throughout her career, she not only became more of a mentor to Carol Moxley, but she became a mentor to the bloggers that visits She-Lives.

Ego’s too big to give you the time of day are appalling to me and offer up absolutely no inspiration what so ever…last year, I contacted a local radio station – WLUP in Chicago, and wanted to donate some of my artwork for a charity drive they were having, I can’t fork out cash, as many of us can’t,  but I have had great success in generating cash for charities with pieces of art work that are auctioned off.  A single bar stool with Stevie Ray Vaughan went for 465.00 a few years back.  The emails I sent to the local radio were ignored and when I left a note on one of their blogs, I was told “The artwork on this site, looks like vomit on a White Camero after eating black crayons.” Very nice, huh, extremely professional..not.. Needless to say, my radio dial has never hit 97.9 again, and I do have a screen shot to back that statement up.

Remember, we touch everyone’s lives somehow, keep your thoughts positive, keep your options open, keep the communication going.  We never know how we touch people when a little bit of time is spent, we can walk away better people, we can walk away with new experiences and new friends.  Carol Kaye gave something to Carol Moxley that she will always treasure, she gave her time and her thoughts….



what a story. I think this crap happens a lot by arrogant assholes, who think their shit don’t stink. You know what? All they need to do is look in a mirror. Probably hate what they see!


Some people just have no idea what an impact they leave on others as they pass through this world – positive or negative. It is such a shame.

But the culprit is indeed the ego mixed with so much unconsciousness. Because the truth is no one in their conscious mind would ever put down or hurt another fellow being or anything else for that matter.

If only we can snap out of the unconscious ego and into the light of the conscious mind – what a world that would be…what heaven that would be!

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Pride. People talk about ego a lot, but it’s a matter of pridefulness. Thinking one is too good, being full of oneself, being unwilling to look at others as people with hearts and souls…

I’m blessed by Carol Kaye’s willingness to reach out and offer insights to musicians.

And I’m blessed that you used me as a subject when you took the time to render such a beautiful message of mentorship on paper and on your blog, Susie. Thank you so much!

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Truly outstanding work Susie!

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