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Pirate Sketch & Drawing


Yo’ Ho’ Captain Jack Sparrow, taken from the similarities of Johnny Depp’s character, I wanted to create a pirate that watched over who ever decided this piece was going to be in their collection.  

This is a piece that was done on a vintage window taken out of an old house.  This was an unusual piece that took me quite some time to perfect.  The front of the Pirate Sketch Drawing Captain Jack Sparrowwindow was painted to create a frosted effect, the back of the window was painted black gloss.  

I used charcoal for the majority of the painting, along with some enamels to actually bring out the dreadlocks that this pirate is sporting.

I have auctioned a mighty fine bar stool at a charity auction recently that was a spot on image of the true Captain Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp, I will post that soon.  It can as well be seen at The Trade Show Blog just search Captain Jack Sparrow and he will come up.

This piece was put on Ebay and I sent it off to Florida to a couple who belong to the Krewe of South Shore Marauders.  Mark & Annie stand here with the hand crafted treasure chest on their way to one of their parades.  

Mark had this to say about the Krewe of South Shore Marauders:  Krew South Shore Marauders Pirates

As a Krewe we raise money for scolarships in our area as well as performing community service projects such as Locks of Love and the cancer walk. We also do an annual Pirate Idol fundraiser. We are also participate in eight parades a year. We are in parade season now. We have already done the Ruskin Veterans Day parade and the Kwewe of Venus Christmas parade. The biggest parades are coming up in Jan. and Feb, These are the Gasparilla Childrens parade, Gasparilla Day parade and pirate Invasion(third largest in the country) and the St. Yago Knight parade.”

Thanks Mark & Annie – I hope this pirate watches over all who sleep beneath!


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Yo Ho!! Just wanted to say thanks again and let you know how much we are enjoying the painting.


And even if you are told that it was a small run item. That it is a rare guitar. That someone famous owned it (now this has a different kind of value attached!) it is not in Vintage Guitar Terms a collectible.

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