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Pride and Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan


pride_and_joy_stevie_ray_vaughan1Well you’ve heard about love givin sight to the blind

My babys lovin cause the sun to shine….

Well who would have guessed there was a picture of Stevie that I hadn’t seen..this was a commissioned piece for Barry in New Jersey, and after doing the pre-lim concept, I realized that I was drawing the wrong dang picture.

Getting so fired up because I found a fellow SRV lover, I didn’t read the fine print.. if I would have, I’d have realized that the Album “In Step” was re-released and held other photo’s.. after running to the library, Best Buy, Walmart,  and countless other stops along the way, I have to thank to my friends at Musician’s Plaza & The Stratocaster Forums, for sending me the picture from the re-issue of In Step…Barry sent one, but it was to grainy to see the detail.

This drawing was a pleasure to do, In Step has the song  “The House is A Rockin”… one of the best lines is…

Walkin up the street you can hear the sound
Of some bad honky tonkers really layin it down

Not knowing the man, but knowing some that did,  we could all learn from him the lesson of love.. he says in Pride and Joy…

My babys lovin cause the sun to shine…

Put into perspective that we all are here on loan, not knowing when that loan will expire.  There are little annoyances that happen to us on a day to day basis, there are struggles and issues, no matter who we are.

If we learn to live within our means, and within our boundaries, we will be a much better person and the music that we create from being here, will cause the sun to shine.  It will make an impact on someone, you may not get instant gratification from it, but your memory, kindness, legacy and the music that you created within someone’s heart and mind will forever “dance across their soul” .



Glad you found the pic. sounds like a lot of work. Worth it by the results. See you in April.

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great picture, i love vaughan and i like reading about him whenever i can. great post.


Hi Susie ~ In nearly everyone of your posts I can find a pearl of wisdom

This pearl is for me: “we all are here on loan, not knowing when that loan will expire.”

Great line!



Hi everyone i am very prouud of this picture that Susie drew. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. I have been on a lot of web site, and no one can touch her drawing. I think its because she love Stevie as much as I do
love to all


Sunshine in my eyes! Awesome post a sketch Suzie Q!!!

I love this page design!

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Nice works! Love to see another artist taking advantage of the international audience called the internet! Keep posting, we can’t give up…

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