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Recapturing the Past


I hear the water isn’t from the ocean, it’s from filling the hot tub! 😉

Typical Chicago March, gloomy, grey and brown, just down right “gnarly”

….but within each and everyone of us lives some sunshine, a beach and a cold beer!

Where do you find your sunshine?

Is it when you spend time curled on the couch reading a book?

Is it when you finish a task that has been sitting on your desk?

Is it when you spend time with your family and/or friends?

This is one “gnarly” window, but it certainly has character and it was brought to life and adorns some sunshine now.   Recycled art, creating something from something that was discarded and forgotten.

One thing that brings sunshine to my mind is thinking of whose been where I have before me.. who touched something I am touching.. i.e. being in Louisiana, some 2o odd years ago, and walking through the old southern mansions..looking at the Mississippi River from atop a high balcony…wondering who stood there before, wondering what they were thinking.. making up in your mind a day dream.

Painting with these old windows also gives me that feeling, what..where and how many people touched this.. and now in my hands it’s been long forgotten by them……now this old window has a new home, but it will always hold those silent memories..

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recycling old and discarded things gives you a sense of worth.
something someone threw away because in their eyes, it lost it’s value
it allows you creative license, to give it worth again!
Something you can mold and create,different from it’s original concept
Thinking out side the box of the norm
You can give new life, to something that was’nt ready to go away, just because someone lost interest in it
It’s not about money or prestige, it’s about the worth a simple object
Garbage to some, Gold to others
It sparks your creative genes, makes you feel one with the universe
Like caughting a ride on the cosmic wave, that flows thur all our lives, and sad to say most people never see or feel it’s existence


Adjusting my attitude, playing the guitar, walking my dog, having You and Buck visit us..Those things make me happy, oh and a Redskins victory, all of the above!

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