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Recycled Light Switch Covers


Hand Painted Light Switch PlatesLights Out!

But not for these bad boys that I had found in the summer months during junk days!

These are light switch covers that I found in a box, there had to be over 50 of these switch plate covers at the curb waiting for the garbage truck.   Waiting to end up in the land fills.

Metal, Ceramic and Plastic switch covers, from one slot to four.  I took the ceramic one and had my husband sand it down, and I put a base coat of flat white spray paint on it, and I added the tropical sunset to give it some flare, using enamel craft paint by Anita,

I mixed solid black with an amber red to get the dark water’s.  The three slotted light switch has silica sand embedded in it, and gives a bit of a glow in the evening so that you can actually see where the switch plate is at.  With beads of real sand and a bit of texture, it is a beauty in any sun room.  Using several tones of blue for the water, and combining white gives the depth as the beach scene meets the horizon.

I shot them with a glossy lacquer to give them more protection from wear and tear in rooms that are have more frequent traffic. 

I love finding items that have been disgarded that I can bring back to life by giving them a unique look and turning them into works of art.  There are many different forms of recycling, and if you are unsure if there is a recycling collection center around, check out Earth 911..

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wow very interested and unique things, btw thanks for dropping by

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This website is really cool


Na on second thoughts… it sux


wow.. i wonder if you have idea to bring the truck live too 😆 nice idea.. maybe just drop by to see the site that you recommended

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Just love these little pieces of artwork. Lovely way to add just that perfect little finishing touch to a room! I love your site and will be back often to see whats new.


What a beautiful way to recycle. You do awesome work.

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cool idea =) i hate the way light switches look so boring. you really do have a creative mind. it seems that anything to u is a canvass!

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Thanks..wendy… – couldnt comment on your blog I dont have a blogger id!

Love the paperclips.. used to have a watch band made out of them!


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