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Return to Innocence


Enigma said it best in their song called Return to Innocence

Don’t be afraid to be weak
Don’t be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart my friend
That will be the return to yourself

We have in the news, Rod Blagojevich – we all know why. Britney Spears for a song with “nasty” connotations as well as  Plastic Surgery for the Dead?

Perhaps I just don’t get it…. any of it….Blagojevich needs to trade his jogging suit for some big boy pants and let the state start a recovery effort.

Driving the tollways, his name is plastered all over the I-Pass lanes, if, he is guilty – I do not claim to be a “politician” or a “political junkie” so, I won’t weigh in on that one, but if he is guilty, how much money will be spent alone on removing his name from these signs?

The manpower, hours & money to do it?

Honoring people when they are gone is one thing, a dedicated highway for someone who has made a difference, or a street named after a famous ball player.  I get that..but I do know where we have gotten so much helium to inflate the ego’s that exist in our society.

Returning to innocence – when will reporters report on those that make a difference other than those that are bringing down the moral fiber of the human race?

Plastic surgery for the dead? Do you think that King Arthur needed plastic surgery before they sent him afloat on his funeral pyre? Do we really need to have a revival of Britney Spears and her Memoirs?  She was born in ’81, does she really have memories worth sharing after the age of 17?

What about those that have truly suffered tragedyJust look into your heart my friend, that will be the return to yourself.

Take a day, turn off the tube, relinquish the remote control and find a story in your own life that will be good for someone unsuspecting.  Return to Innocence, where you did things because they were fun, you learned, you made people laugh…..

Prompting this post was an inquiry that I had about a sketch, the subject of this inquiry is a driving force behind my passion for drawing, I was asked a price…I am finding it impossible in my heart to put a price on it…..most likely, I will be giving it away!.

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Hi Susie

Some good points you address here. I too wish that society focused more on people that are actually making the world richer spiritually, compassionately and the like, instead of blinding it with emptiness and like you say “egos”.

But that is where I feel blogging has some punch – we can all make a great difference by what we promote and talk about.

Great sketch and loved that song by enigma!

Evitas last blog post..Book Review: Walking Through Walls

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