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Romancing the Sketch


Pencil Sketch from Photo

Candle light and a glass of wine, this is a very special time. 

 A warm fire, a soft glow.  A midnight movie or the late late show?

Cuddlin’ on the sofa, sipping from the glass.  Asking for a kiss, he say’s nah..think I’ll pass.

Laughing about the joke, teasing is the game,  the chuckles we have, spark the flame.                                                ~ susie

Valentine’s and Birthdays! I was commissioned to draw a couple in love!

This was an interesting project that I got through a testimonial of I put on Hawkhost, which is great by the way!

Bryan & Adriana – Sometime in January Bryan contacted me for a Valentine’s/Birthday gift for Adriana, and he sent me the original picture, which I honestly struggled with because of the shading of both their faces.  I struggled with the detail of their eyes mostly, because they had such a shadow over them.  I did the original drawing about 6 times.. and was not pleased, neither was Bryan.   Sending me back this photo, I got a clear picture of the couple in love!

I did this entire drawingin graphite, and added the backdrop of the original picture to the final sketch! If you are commissioned to do any type of drawing, and are not comfortable with the outcome, and struggle as I did, move on, take a step back and ask for another photo!.

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Thanks Susie! You created a wonderful picture. Adriana was very happy and really liked the picture. I will definitely be contacting you again to do more portraits!

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