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Sensible Order – Captain Of My Life


Woman Girl PirateWith their bobbles, bracelets, braids, and a record breaking about of tattoo’s among them, we have seen them come to life on screen.

Captain Jack Sparrow & Captain Barbosa captivated audiences and created a spur of eclectic dress and dreadlocks.

There are a variety of pirate ranks, I’d like to focus on the captain, they are either elected or rule by force.

Captains had to keep a sensible order, and if they failed, the punishment for the one’s that were elected was not nearly as devastating as that of the one that ruled by force.

Sensible order – what is that in this day & age?

We need to be our own Captains. Captain of My Life by Dillinger

I found myself loosing control of sensible order when I became quite detached from the basics of life, while I was trying to figure out a situation that was beyond my control, a situation that was beyond my scope of rational thinking, the bottom line, was there were no answers for me. I didn’t control the situation, I was only in the mix and I needed to regain my position as Captain of My Life.

If you find yourself on that sinking pirate ship, grab your life raft, it’s a simple vessel, which are the basics of life, love, happiness, harmony & trust. It could be a hand that is reaching out to you, that you can’t see through the fog, or someone’s words of encouragement that are getting lost in the choppy waters.

If there is no sensible order in your life, remember – you are your own captain.

I sketched this sexy woman pirate on an old recycled wine box that my husband found on his recycle run. This was done with both graphite and paint, first I sketched in the sexy pirate, and added the colors of the sea behind her. I left the upper left section with it’s natural wood grain to give the effect of the sky next to the sunset.

It’s a treasure box for any pirate fan!  This treasure box now belongs to Hannah…Happy Birthday.

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You rock, and thank you so much for my Satriani sketch, I got it today!

Framing it Saturday!!!

xo Say hi to hubby!

Barbeque time!!!

Let’s make plans soon!

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I love the color sketch Susie – the colors you chose give this piece a happy and warm tone.

As for being pirate of your own ship – those are very wise words…but so many of us give that role to others and then complain when others disappoint us, etc.

If you want happiness, be your own happiness, if you want love, be love…
Looking for these things in others can only lead to disappointment sooner or later. Hence those who steer their own ship find the most fulfillment in their journey.


really good sketch [as always ]

loved the article .

as for me

there is sensible order in my life ,
yet i feel like a captain with no ship to run .

i know this might sounds sad , but i can assure you it’s NOT . 🙂

nice post

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you are very creative Susie ~ and link it exactly with your philosophy.



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I love the pirate theme and imagery. Good advice as well, captain. Arrrrgh!

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I didn’t even noticed the natural background until you pointed it out. WOW

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