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Sin's a good man's brother..Farner, Brewer, Schacher


Grand Funk RailroadWritten By:

Buck Kleiner

“I am being asked to write a “blog” post.. what the….. ^$%#@ is that?”….about my favorite band, Grand Funk Railroad, the band that wrote songs that struck a common chord in the hearts of the common man. (Move over Aaron Copland).

The band that scared the shit out of Led Zeppelin and had fun doing it. (Boy’s… kiss and make up) America is “in need”.

(This is my first band, and us attempting Zeppelin)

To further complicate my life, my “Blog” wife has asked me to remember the years 1971 and 1972, and what I was doing when the band released “Closer to Home.” I am lucky that I can remember yesterday, let along ’71 and ’72. Well, I shall give it a try.. I need to get my “big gulp full of rum”

I had just graduated from High School, had a girlfriend that could suck a golf ball thru 50 feet of garden hose..or so it seemed. I worked at a local car wash, 10 miles from ground zero (home)… (Blog wife says..yeah..and you walked bare foot, in the snow.. ) and I wore out 2 copies of the “Closer to Home” album.. ahhh vinyl!

I stood in my room at night, wondering and fantasizing about being able to play like Mark and the Boys, those headphone nights, with the lights out, and Grand Funk blasting through my head. ” I was on top of the world”

Sorry Eric, Grand Funk was My Guitar Band, I know at the time “Clapton was God” but not in my eyes. The first 3 albums were my sonic relief, after a hard day in my teenage world, Mark, Mel & Don made it all right.

I am still looking for Mark to pick up that Messenger again...

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Congrats on your first blog. Great guitar solo on the video!


Hilarious blog! Yep! Zep’s management were scared so shitless they unplugged Funk! Your Zeppelin cover video is a riot too! Far out man.

The sketch is wonderful I am so impressed! Ya’ll got some Rock n Roll Soul!

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