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Spread Your Wings


Pegasus Horse PaintingThis is a piece I forgot I had in my portfolio of paintings and sketches.

This was the first time I worked on wood of this magnitude.  This is a sign for Merritt and Associates Equine Hospital in Wauconda, Illinois.

Spreading your wings, this can be in any aspect of your life.  Being a self taught artist and self taught blogger I guess that’s a fitting title.  We all have the capabilities within ourselves to spread our wings.

I think back often to a scene in Dances with Wolves, when Kevin Costner is on his horse and rides over a ridge, all you see is vast green land, that was the American Frontier.  I can’t even imagine how breath taking that would be in real life.

Can you imagine spreading your wings and seeing something like that, I envy those that take big chances, but I also know that you can close your eyes and envision things and that will help bring you closer to spreading your wings.

Start spreading those wings – try a new food, a new drink, pick up a camera and take a picture, buy yourself a domain name and start blogging, share a silly secret with a friend, listen to someone’s story about a sad childhood and just be there to tell them they didn’t deserve that,  there are all sorts of ways to  spread your wings.  We all can’t run off to see the American Frontier but we can make our lives better by trying new things and being open to new experiences..

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I like that sign alot. I know the feeling of finding a piece of art that you totally forgot about. It is like finding money in your pocket.

Great metaphor too! I’m always trying to spread my wings and fly.

Jason Zuckermans last blog post..Happy Birthday Hunter S. Thompson

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