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Standing the Test of Time


Standing the test of time, is certainly what this Southern Rock band has done over the years, still with it’s same 3 piece line up.

ZZ Top rocked into my bedroom as a teenager, they have expression & durability when it comes to creating those foot stomping, roll the windows down, put it in drive and turn the dial as far up as it goes and drive.

Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill & Frank Beard have formed a unique and fantastic career.  Truly a team of individuals that have created an image.  Being offered 1 million to shave their beards, Gibbons & Hill declined.  They are who they are and their act continues to be successful.

ZZ Top did a video for Sesame Street with a muppet version of themselves singing – ZZ Blues.

Billy Gibbons appears briefly on the Television series Bones – as Angela’s Father.  An astounding musician, Billy Gibbons formed ZZ Top in 1969 and their career together, standing the test of time is approaching 40 years. My son believes Gibbons is one of the best guitarist ever, I asked him why? “He is precise and meticulous when he is playing and never makes a mistake.

I think we all make mistakes, but do we stand the test of time with such dedication to correct them?

With statistics that show, the average 1st marriage divorce rate is 50%, 2nd marriage 67% and finally the 3rd marriages 74%.  I would say, we do not stand the test of time.  We can take a lesson from the loyalty of the 3 members of ZZ Top, going into any project, relationship or job.  It’s all about the dedication, putting your best effort into any project that you are working on takes focus and it takes acts of selflessness.

Dedication to “things” is not always easy or comfortable, but to excel at anything, it’s the foundation of the end results.  We get what we put into it! Whether it’s a relationship, a band, a project or even a marriage.  If we continue to dedicate ourselves to the final outcome, success will be achieved.

This is a piece art on what I call a  recycled project.. as I paid for my Corona Light, the store was getting ready to toss out a bunch of old cigar boxes, well, wasn’t Buck happy when I paraded in the house with a stack of old boxes for him to sand and prep for some artwork to be applied.  It’s done with a 97-HB Woodless Graphite Pencil and a light coat of lacquer.  A great keepsake box for your Southern Rock – ZZ Top fan.  Contact me for details.. info at



Awesome blog! Love the sketch, but I was not a huge fan of ZZ Top though I would listen to them on the radio.

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Southern rock…uhhhmmmm…rocks. And ZZ Top is the best of the best. Great piece.

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Have you done any Pink Floyd sketches yet? Would love to see what you can do there. The inner cover to Atom Heart Mother would be awesome!

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Goes to show that if we are comfortable in our skin or our own beard, we will stand the test of time, much like ZZ Top. Man this brings me back to Middle School…LOL


@blogger, no I have not..but what an outstanding idea! I will put it in my list to do’s.. I love new projects, and throwing on the music of said artists and drawing from feelings of the music!


@chris – you are so right! We need to be individuals, no matter what! I remember attending my first ZZ Top concert, and was blown away by them.. and thought.. wow.. they were once someone’s itty bitty baby.. and look at them now! Eye opening experience.


Susie it’s a classic post. Going from zz top, to marriage and divorce rates – and your philosopy is really absorbing; it just ties things up, so I’m left with a great feeling about life.

(an’yer ole cigar box looks good)


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