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Steve Marriott – Go On My Son


Steve Marriott would have turned 62 tomorrow – January 30th.

A musician, singer, songwriter and guitar player,  known from Humble Pie and Small Faces.

When I think of Steve Marriott, I think of 30 Days in the Hole..and I also think of the Lukas Clan.. mainly Jack.  A guy whose life blood is the volume switch on the stereo.

One year, Jack invited us to a Marriott Memorial Birthday Party.. my son, thought this was awesome! Any reason to get together and listen to old rockers joke, laugh and give each other a rash of shit about times gone by and concerts they have seen together.

These are for Carol – Jack’s niece – who requested it! Rock on Little Sister, once the hair grows back, I know you will be tossing it around in that head banger fashion that I’ve grown to love!

In April of 1991, Steve Marriott lost his life at the age of 44 – having been born pre-mature and weighing in at 4 pounds 4 ounces..

I know of one person that will question those numbers after reading this.. I’ll wait for your 4:44 call! And I’ll love ya for 44 years

Having played in Moments, Small Faces & Humble Pie, his life intertwined with many names that we all know.  Whole Lotta Love by Zeppelin bares a similar sound to Marriotts version of a song originally written by Willie Dixon – apparently harboring no ill feelings for Plant, Marriott is quoted as saying.. “Go On My Son

Achieving greatness should carry with it a sense of “humble” – we don’t get places with out inspirations, we don’t get places without learning from someone.

No matter’s whose path you cross, you can learn at least one thing from them.

Here is a single line from “As Safe As Yesterday Is” by Humble Pie – I was in a meeting yesterday and there was a topic of the “fear” how our news broadcasts and how reading the daily paper is like an emotion blizzard-put on some good music today and eliminate a bit of your fear.

And you can’t be diseased by what you fear

Happy Birthday Steve Marriott!.



Growing up with a family motto of it’s not loud enough unless your ears bleed, doomed me to be a Marriot fan. And I’m ok with that.
I’m tremendously impressed with this sketch!
Steve at his best. You captured him perfectly! Thanks for doing it.
((the hair doesn’t head bang just yet, it’s still in a punky kind of stage, but it’s coming along.))

Carols last blog post..your body is TELLING you something


wow…..its really perfect
u got magic in ur hands…


Susie ; that’s just perfect of Steve I know he would love it . I knew him as one of the many fans he would generously invite back to the hotel for a party . His voice still rings in me today and I can say that my experiences being around him as well as constantly listening to all of his LP’s changed my life .

And not always for the better !

Ha ! Mark


God Bless Steve Marriott !! There will never be another with so much soul and power in the rock world like Steve possessed.I remember seeing
Humble Pie play Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens back in the early 70’S and
I was blown away by his performance on stage.Powerful voice for such a wee man I thought to myself.Man could he get into the music ! He knew
what we all came to see and he supplied it in abundance from start to
finish.You got your monies worth when you paid to see Steve Marriott play.I sit here now hearing him in my head singing ” 30 Days In The Hole ” and I smile to myself because I was fortunate enough to have seen
and heard it played live.The list goes on and on ” I Don’t Need No Doctor ” and so on.Rest in peace Stevie Boy and jnow that you made so many people happy with the music you made.I listen to his greatest hits
in my car all the time still and it never gets old to me.Your music will
live on regardless and those that hear it years from now will know what a real rock voice should sound like.


I am glad to have read this on Steve’s birthday. I did not discover his music until bout 1995.
How sad that I never saw him perform live, but how delightful that I can enjoy his records over and over and that we recorded one of his songs, “30 days in the hole” you can hear that song
on ITunes, or watch our video on youtube.

God bless all Steve’s family and friends around the world who are thinking of him today.

love love,
kathena ( a Texas born singer living in NYC)

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