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Stevie Ray Vaughan – 18 Years After

Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial
I wept at his grave, during a Midnights slumber
He told me to be brave, I had no idea whose spell I was under

He walked with me, among all the stones
Guaranteed me,Your never alone

Its on a hawks wings, that he does soar
He has challenged me, he’s opened a door

As his hat tipped, on that final song. The music, the man, lives on strong

As time continues to pass, its his memory that will flourish, and his music that will last.
His faith, his friends…continue to grow. He stopped on in, just to let us know.

During that midnight slumber… written by: Susie
18 years ago, on August 27th, four years to the date of his father’s passing, Blues Rock lost one of the best and it’s still obvious today that Stevie Ray Vaughan is an influence to many. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, are still revered all over the world.

A statement that I read from the boxed set collection was by Stevie’s brother – Jimmie Vaughan and I am sure it still stands true to this day, “The world misses his music, but I miss my brother” Jimmie was one of the biggest influences on young Stevie which continued throughout his career. (A Jimmie & Stevie sketch is on the drawing board)

Fans of Double Trouble and Stevie Ray Vaughan have gathered for the past 13 years for The Annual S.R.V. Memorial Ride down near Dallas, this year marks the 14th Annual Event. I sent some sketches down to Cutter Brandenburg to be raffled off for this years event as well as a piece of New Zealand Bone Art that I had purchased and hung on the Stevie Statue during our visit to Austin.
If you are a fan of SRV and Double Trouble, there is a great new book out by, Craig Hopkins called Day by Day – Night after Night, this is full of great pictures and information on Stevie’s life and a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.
I am passionate about drawing, and Stevie is an influence on perfecting a talent, and he is a fantastic subject to draw. Throughout the past few years I have donated a few of my pieces to charities for different events. If I can draw and help benefit someone in need, it’s good day!
The dark day that happened 18 years ago, effected an entire circle of people. Loosing a brother, a friend, a front man in a band. Loss happens to each and every person throughout the world, it’s not as publicized because we are not all in the lime light.
The people that are in our own circles, should be remembered each day, life is short. Cherish what is in front of you, around you and honor those that influence you and those that love you.




I’m a huge SRV fan and unfortunately never had the opportunity to see him live. I’ve had to settle for DVD’s. Yes, he’s a huge loss to the music world!

Marlaines last blog post..Rainbow Time…


Very cool!

Met the brothers in Austin a few years before Stevie died. At Cliff Antone’s place – He’s also gone now. The guitar player in my band grew up a few houses down from them in Dallas and jammed with them as kids. I almost named my daughter Stevie Rae (with that spelling). We chose Sydney Mae instead.

I sometimes feel like I have a spiritual tie to the guy. Your renditions Stevie Ray are great.

“Rave on, Stevie Ray Vaughan”

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Carol – thats a great story – I never got to see Stevie live, but he does hold a special spot in my heart, cosmic thing that happened actually – someday I shall email you that story. How lucky for your guitarist, that is quite an education to have behind you!

Marlaine – me either and I wish I had, that just makes us realize we need to do things now.. tomorrow is uncertain.


Has it been already 18 years? Time flew by way to fast. Stevie will never ever be forgotten!

Rock on!

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Stevie Ray was more about his words than anything, he also was a terrific guitar player who changed the way we listen to the blues. May he RIP.


I’ve heard his music but never really listened, but I’m going to now.

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Unfortunetly in my Counrty, Italy SRV doens’t know well, but I love him, of course. The first time i heard him was when i was 17 years old, in the home of my friend, now fied. I said to me ‘ listen: that is most good than ‘yours’ led zepplin’; He’s the delphin of Jimi hendrix. After that I heard to him many times, but never live……….. PS:I’d like to exchange my Music Blog link with your one. T

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Your knowledge of Rock and Rock musicians is awe inspiring…I like the way you smudge and not-smudge the pencil-work.


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