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Stumbling Your Way Finding Friends


Twenty some years ago, I heard a song on the radio that I fell in love with, it reminded me so much of where I was at the time in my life and yes at that time, I listened to a judy-rodman-musiclot of country music.

The opening lyrics

There’s a room in my father’s house
Full of old heirlooms
Grandma’s Bible, Grandpa’s trunk
To a total stranger no more than junk
The closest ties I ever knew
Until I met you

Finally one day the announcer said her name – Judy Rodman – quick to go to the store, and quickly disappointed, they didn’t have it.  There were no Best Buys or Super Walmarts, that’s when you actually had record stores.  Oh, how I miss Full Cyrkle Records!

I had to order it, and still have the cassette to this day.

Well, twenty some years later, stumbling my way through blogging and social networking, I started investigating my stumble friends & people who were subscribed.  I found in there a woman with a name that sparked a memory of those years long past.

Judy Rodman – I investigated her blog and realized this has to be the same woman whose music danced into my heart all those years ago.

I sent her a note through stumble upon asking her, and telling her how that song danced into my life all those years back and to this day I still listen to it, yes it was one and the same.

She has been a wonderful stumble friend and her blog is full of information on music and her teachings, she a remarkable woman and musical talent.  I am proud to know her.

We have such opportunity in front of us with social networking and it is amazing to me the people it has brought into my life.  We all want stumbles and reviews, we all want our blog’s to get noticed, but taking the time to see who is noticing us and helping us out is how it pay’s forward.

This sketch is a complilation of Judy  – she sent me a beautiful picture of her playing piano at Bluebird and the one that she uses on her stumble profile.  I used these two along with some photoshop work on what her song brings to my mind.

Grandma’s bible and grandpa’s trunk  – and the house in the backdrop is my family home where I grew up, one of which my dad built with blood, sweat and tears.

Go look and see who may be in your group of social may be surprised at what you find..

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This brings up a story when I was a kid we had a Whirlin Disc store where you bought LPs, like my first record was Zeppelin III.


@Frank – those good old stores where the best! Buck and I just talked last night, we wonder what happened to those two old hippies at Full Cyrkle – with the smoke billowing out of the back room!


One of the things that I love about stumble is the concept of opportunity and chance. Just to be open to the possibility that what you see next is not strictly decided or controlled and experiencing the world and the internet as it comes. It is so cool that you have stumbled on something in your past which effected you in a profound way. It really forces you to confront whether you believe in coincidences or not.


Oh my gosh, I am so honored, Susie… you are so right about social networking bringing sweet unexpected treasure and friendships to us if we look for them. More than business, more than superficial trading of information… you are one of those sweet surprises for me. Thank you… may your life and art continue to be blessed, for it does bring blessing to the rest of us.

with gratitude,


loved your insight


Oh..!! Awesome, i can understand what u might have felt like when u came to knew about her TWENTY years ago….. amazing, the social networking sites acts as a great friend finder …& i will certainly prefer listening to the song Susie!

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