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Swamp Blues – Lightnin' Slim


Lightnin Slim - Otis HicksLightnin’ Slim or Otis Hicks, left our world July 27th, 1974…

Leaving a mark on Swamp Blues – debuting back in 1954, Bad Luck – If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

I wasn’t even a glimmer in my dad’s eye..but know I’ve heard the name before, and needed to do a little research, low and behold, I figured it out.

Lightnin’ Slim backed mainly by drums (my new hobby) and harmonica, he had a gritty sounding voice and sang Louisiana Swamp Blues, with tunes such as – I’m Tired Waitin’ Baby, Your Old Enough to Understand and one of my favorites – Rooster Blues

Those tunes bring me back to New Orleans 22 years ago, when mom & I sat and drank Mint Juleps (nasty, nasty drink) in a seedy bar on Bourbon Street..  Listening to the musicians that were born with blues in their blood.

When I listen to someone like Lightnin’ Slim, I am instantly transported into a dark, smoke filled tavern in the south. A tavern that the heat is so thick you can see it, the sound is so profound, it rises through the floor into  your toes through the floor boards and grabs you buy the heart so you will sit down and listen.   No one listens anymore, they always interject….

One where people meet, to talk and share their stories.  Stories of how life brought them to this point, whether that story are sad or true, you get a sense that this is where the heart of blues is and will remain clinging to the walls, or clinging to the worn out bar stools.   Their is history there, a history of music and people that walked before us.

Take today to remember someone that walked before you, someone who paved the way, someone who brought something to the table that we often don’t think about..

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That’s some cool history. I agree with the Mint Juleps, they’re nasty!

You just have to love the blues! You know I do!


Your last line literally sent chills down my spine. When I think of those that walked before me and paved my way as an artist a couple of individuals and seminal events come to mind. Its not quite a dark smoke filled tavern, but the imagery for me is just as vivid. Thanks for transporting me back and prodding me to spend a moment thinking back in reflection.


Who doesn’t love the blues, I miss my vinyl, but managed to get a lot of mp3 collected over the years. That’s what’s on my Ipod…
Sonny Boy Williams, Lightning Hopkins, Magic Slim, Billy Boy Arnold and tons more ain’t nuttin like it.


@Fool.. great flippin’ line up my friend.. Magic Slim, one cool player there.. Howlin’ Wolf is one too that I love! Can you imagine all of them together rocking the roof off an old gin joint? I bet they are up there in Heaven singing and strumming


Hi Susie,
How’ve you been? Have been missing your sketches so thought I drop by and say hi. Your drawing & story always well connected. Got me thinking of the people who contributed to our present lives and comfort. We shall, indeed, be more grateful.


Ching Ya – I meant to get in touch too! Sorry I slacked, been busy and really enjoy hearing from you. I love walking into old homes, especially in the south, and wonder, who walked here before me? What were they thinking? How were there lives shaped.. I love history and old buildings, wondering what souls are walking through those hallways..


Found you through Evita’s blog. Life is a wise teacher. Everyone, every perception and situation offers lessons if we are open to it.


@liara, thanks for coming on over from Evita’s, she is truly a great, great inspiration! I find such good advice and calming forces over there. Come by again!


Hi Susie ~ You’ve probably thought of this before, or heard it said, or done it…but a book like this would be wonderful, especially with your illustrations.

Forgive me if I’ve missed it.



@henry – thanks for such a glorious comment, I could probably write a book – 🙂

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