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Cecilia over at Cleveland Ohio Real Estate

Susie is so damned talented it makes me smile with envy and sincerity. Such a gift should be shared with the world. If you have the opportunity to own one of her treasures, you must. I purchased a sketch for a good friend as a birthday present in another state and it far exceeded my expectations. Susie even framed it and mailed it directly to her with a message! My friend teared up and it touched her like nothing else she said. It’s on her desk permanently and she sees it every day. She’s had so many comments and questions about it that she’s proud to share how and where it came to be. It tickles me to give a great gift and since I don’t have the gifts naturally that Susie does, I’m glad to know her and spread her talent. I plan to place orders through her for Christmas gifts. It’s the type of present nobody receives but everyone wants. Thanks, Susie.

Testimonial From Cutter Brandenburg:

This lady has been given a special talent. To which she did a few drawings for me of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Yes, Stevie was my best friend. He still remains my best friend. Her drawings of Stevie captured some very good times of memories that have long since past but will always remain as the Good Years. These were days during the struggle when we all were tryin to reach anyone in the music industry who could not hear what we all knew and felt. Stevie was still healthy and it seemed that those days the Struggle Years we all now look back on The Good Years. It is never easy to see the struggle years as good times when one is going through the offers turned down, or the Record Executive’s who could not hear. But the small fans / family grew and years went by and suddenly all saw and felt what we all saw and felt all along. “The Good Years ” I still feel them , and when I look at the drawings by Susie they still fell like
“The Good Years “.
Cee / Cutter Brandenburg