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The Gift


Watching as you softly sleep
What I’d give if I could keep
Just this moment
if only time stood still.

Jim Brickman – The Gift

I did this pencil sketch of a woman and her cat during the holiday season and the entire story is really “The Gift”, it was clear when I turned on the ipod, and hit spin, and up came Jim Brickman and the song “The Gift”

I was contacted through my site and asked about a sketch.  These are the words…

I would a like the sketch to be of the picture where her
and her cat are looking at each other.  You don’t need to put any of the background stuff in.  Just her sitting in the chair with the cat.

I had to do a little playing around with the pictures to capture the emotion I wanted for him.  It was quite difficult capturing the all black ball of fur, or as Gary put it.. “fat blob of fur” I used all of the photo’s he sent to get the look of Denne’s eyes correct as well as trying to get the “nuzzling” effect of Nike.

It’s the little things that mean so much and for some reason, this inquiry meant a lot to me.  “No rush over the holiday, just take your time” he said. We all have experienced loss in some way, and here is a man reaching out to do something for his wife.

I put myself in her shoes for a little bit, having lost a 17 year old cat several years back, and I have to say, I would be blown away if my husband took the initiative to find someone to do something like this for me.   Even more so than the drawing itself, the compassion that he had to actually dig deep to find some way of comforting her and keeping the memories alive of Nike.

I am truly amazed at the people the internet has brought into my life….

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I am also floored at how many good friends I have made on the internet. Like you. I can’t wait to meet you folks someday. Even with pictures on the internet, it is a real buzz to see the person behind the posts.


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A nice piece, and The Gift, I was listening to it while reading your post and they go perfectly together. It’s the heart that counts, a very sweet thing to do by the husband.

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We just received your picture today in the mail.

It came on a day where I am really missing my Nike so it was something that was truly appreciated.

Thanks so much.


This post brought a tear to my eye! That is so touching.

I must tell you that the woman in the photo is my best friend, and she is such a beautiful woman with such a profoundly deep heart. When you love her, you cannot bear to see her hurting because her pain is as profound as the love that she feels. I am grateful to you and to Gary for this gift 🙂

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