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The Sag Awards – Knock 'em Dead Mickey Rourke


The Sag Awards, or Screen Actor Guild Awards, could have taken on a new meaning from one of the nominee’s tonight,  the  sagging career of Mickey Rourke seems to have gotten a face lift.

Being nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Best Male Actor in a Leading Role as Randy in The Wrestler, Rourke may yet again, walk away with another little bobble to put on his fire place.

I say rock on Rourke, it’s good to see someone pick themselves up by the bootstraps and get back in the game, no matter the rumors that have flown around for years. The daunting pictures of a not so well preserved Rourke.

It was obvious at the Golden Globes he was stunned to have won, I thought he was quite gracious, stating he was not a good speaker in public,  acknowledging the Director that had to fight for him to be in this role, since his name was not worth anything.

Bad Boys & Underdogs, I guess I am a sucker for both, bruised, beaten and almost a has been in the film industry – let’s hope Rourke knocks ’em out again.  He may not be pretty, but he’s still got it!.



I didn’t know Mickey was nominated for the Sag Awards, I hope he makes a great comeback, he deserves one of those. Thanks for sharing.


I have always liked Mickey Rourke. I think he is a wonderful actor. As far as him not looking all that great anymore. I have always thought that the film industry has held to much stock in an actor or actress’s looks and less about the ability to perform well. I have seen scores of films that had crapy acting but they looked good so I guess it should have been okay with all of us watching. Anyhow way to go Mickey I hope you much continued success.

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