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Touching Others Lives & In Walks Al Kooper


Continuing my Touching Others Lives Series, I give to you the focal point of the drawing.  Which is being placed in the center of my recycled, thrown away, let’s put it in the landfill, discarded item, that I am going to transpose into a usable, conversation piece with a stunning array of art!

Let me introduce you to – Al Kooper, a survivor of the rock and roll lifestyle, we picked up his book called Backstage Passes & Backstabbing Bastards when we were in Austin.

Al Kooper was, what’s called a Session Player, having to know how to play anything, anytime, when the phone rings, a musician for hire.  Now with his band Funky Faculty, he has laid down so many tracks on Teen Records, that we are not even aware of whose behind the music.

Touching Others Lives, in a quiet existance of which so many of us are not aware of the impact and the music he added to our lives.  Playing on This Diamond Ring performed by Gary Lewis & The Playboys.  The story of how Al came to play with Bob Dylan on Like a Rolling Stone is something only his words do justice, pick up the book. Blood Sweat and Tears, started in the head of this session musician, creating a marriage between blue’s,  rock and a horn section.

Can you imagine a man of this stature teaching you music? Well, for a short while he did teach but with a disease that took 2/3rds of his eye sight, he had to give that up.  He is still sought after for tours & lectures as well as DJ’ing

This is a man who has Touched Others Lives, when you are sitting at your computer, or standing in line at the store, just think about those that you may never see behind the scenes, the one’s that in some off-handed way have touched your lives.  If the stock boy didn’t stock, we would not find what we need, if the IT Pro didn’t stay behind at work until 2:00 am, we would not have smooth running computers, there are so many more behind the scene’s people that we have in our lives, that each and every day.. they have touched our lives..



Even though teachers don’t get a lot of respect, I like to think that they’ve touched many lives.


What a beautiful series Susie!

Hmmm, well as a teacher I have to say we, or at least I, am grateful for the respect I get and also for the ability to touch so many lives each day. Sometimes in our profession the effects are not seen instantaneously, sometimes you get students coming after they have left your class to tell you the impact you had on them. It is really special either way – even when they say nothing I am honored to be in their presence and be able to be a part of their life.



Just stumbled here from Blog Catalog.

Great blog, great art. Really like your work!


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Great way to introduce us to one of the many unsung session players whose music we all have embedded on our hearts, but whose names we never hear.

Well done!

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