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Twelve Minutes with Scarlett Johansson


Twelve Minutes with Scarlett JohanssonScarlett was born around Thanksgiving, and who of the male pursuasion is not “Thankful” for that! I honestly have not had her on my radar, but some friendly folk over at Bloggeries were tossing thier ideas into the artistic arena, so boys.. this is for you!

Thanks for the idea! I sat down, google imaged Scarlett Johansson, and couldn’t even get the name correct.. I need to flip on the tube a little more often and see who’s hot and who’s not.  Is Mick Jagger still hot?

I am an old rocker who worked for two lads in the 80’s that I called Cheech and Chong, at 5 o’clock the door to their office would open, and pot smoke would billow out in wafts of fluffly scented clouds.

 So, my knowledge on Scarlett is not truly up to par, I shall admit.  I am stuck in the 70’s and early 80’s. 

 This is my twelve minutes with Scarlett..I hope you all find enjoyment out of it.. she is truly a beauty..the lips are like the big blossoms on peonies.. her curves remind me of Marliyn Monroe!

 I will now have to go research this honey of 2008 and find out a little bit more about her.  The sketch was done on regular copy paper with a Generals Layout/Ebony Pencil # 555, it is not cleaned up or refined.. this was a timed venture.. How many of you would like to spend 12 minutes with Scarlett?

~ Soul to Soul.

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Excellent use of twelve minutes, but you really ruined it for the rest of us with your clumsy use of copyrighting. It’s not that you distorted her best feature, those wonderful lips, it’s that after all this time you still haven’t figured out what “watermarking” can do for you and your website. Please figure it out before you spend another minute defacing a decent work of art and the best feature of the female form.

Jim, with 1 Foot in the Grave

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Hey there.. all the work you are showing on your blog are wonderful!! I like them!
Hey why not join this art community here:
We are a small community for people loving art..etc

– Wakish –

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