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We all have hero's


Pencil Sketch, Brett Favre, Johnny Depp, Bob DylanHave you ever wondered what it would be like to meet your “hero”?

In life you may not get that chance, but you can get it on paper.  Here is a sketch I did for a gift, from a father to his son.

Titled appropriately “The Magnificent Four” Featuring his son, Bob Dylan, Brett Favre and Johnny Depp.

We all have hero’s, mentor’s and teachers, have you ever wondered what you would talk about if you met one of them? I do often, and I also wonder if perhaps, I would be to tongue tied to ask them anything.

I’d like to have met Crazy Horse and listen to the thoughts of a warrior fighting for all he believes in.

I’d like to have been able to sit down with Jim Morrison and ask him how some of his music was so enchanting, yet his poetry so disturbing.

I’d like to ask Stevie Ray where he felt his passion came from, and hear his stories of his teen years.

I’d like to sit down with Morgan Freeman and just listen to one of his stories, about anything, he has a great story telling voice that is somewhat hypnotic.

Can you imagine going out with the girls for cocktails if you were in the company of  Katherine Hepburn, Betty White and Candice Bergen?

Whose your hero in the real world? What would you like to ask yours?.



Yes heroes are important.
They are the footprints in the sands of life we follow.
When we are presented with problems, Heroes give us hope, wecan say to ourselves “How would My Hero handle this” Can we be our Heroes, NO, But they give us Hope. Something to aspire to, they spark our imaginations.


You forgot Michael Jordan, Jimi Hendrix and Carrol Shelby!! And Me, hahaha..
My real hero is my dad. He can teach all of the others a few lessons. Him and my mom. Heroes and role models, thank you..
.-= Daniel R. Lehrman´s last blog ..Beginner Guitar Chords‚ Three 3 string Chords You Can Learn Fast =-.


“Can you imagine going out with the girls for cocktails if you were in the company of Katherine Hepburn, Betty White and Candice Bergen?” Yes. Oh yes.


Paul Newman, (I know he’s passed away but I’d love to ask him if he knew a way to get other celebrities to do what he did so far as charities are concerned. I would love that because with all the money celebrities make they could practically save the world if they put their money and their minds to it.


honestly ..
my truly hero is my mother…..
and my fathers….
i can not imagine if both of them not care with me…
maybe i cannot write comment here now…


hero’s are important. we should remember them because they once protect/save our land. that’s why all heroes should be honored. anyway, thanks for this wonderful post..


There are a few heroes I would like to sit down and have dinner with, you can learn allot from some of the heroes in the world. The dedication and work they put in and the drive they have. As long as we pick the right ones we could learn allot.


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