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What can you do with old?


What can you do with old?

I am not talking issues related to Lipitor, or those old left overs that have grown mold that we may be able to turn into antibiotics, I am talking another persons junk can be your treasure.

Here is a door that I swear must have been used for those little people that lived under the stairs.  I know there was a movie like that, before the one that John Goodman starred in – The Borrowers..but for the life of me, I can’t remember it.

so.. back to the drawing which I just realized the glare on it..stinks! be it ! I did this very 3 Dimensional, using dried grass..and birch bark if you take a look at the birch tree on the right of the screen…the bark was not painted, it is hot glued on..and it’s real.  Thanks Joseph Standing Bear.

The sand on the walkway is actual sand that I collected in the dust pan after my husband decided he needed to tar the cracks in the foundation outside our steps.. and the only way to sop it up was sand….but that sand was tracked in my house and used in the painting.

The dried grass at the very bottom left is real another brain child of mine that has gone mutant.  I planted pampas grass…pa—my ass it should’s every where, and invasive.. I highly recommend against it, unless you have an old door that a fraction of the grass can be used.

This piece was done with two pieces of cardboard that I used as my canvas.  I used cardboard that was used to ship an auto-scrubber. read it right.. an auto scrubber.

The legs that my husband made to support the old door were made from old pieces of base board that would have gone in the garbage or been burned.

So there you have it.. thats what you can do with old!.

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Is this one of the painted screen doors you referred to in the past?

Joes last blog post..Wrapping up the week


@crochety..joe.. no this is actually a door, had glass and all! Don’t know who could fit through it though!


It actually looks more like a window than a door.
I love all of the the little real bits you added to it. Thanks for the tip about the grass. I guess I will pass on that type. I bet this piece has wonderful dimension when you see it in person.



Wat da? Awesome! I needed to do a double take.

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