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What Happened to Gravity?


Hands and Feet Pencil SketchIt’s been all around us and no one seems to have a good solid answer.

Do you recently feel that you do not have your feet planted firmly on the ground?

Are they being cradled by faith or held up by some unknown force?

I have listened lately to several people say things, things that are out of character for them.  So many of the stories and feelings are very similar, that I have to question what the driving force is, why now, why so many people have so many questions that are along the same lines?

What is the feeling in the air? Is it the economy? Are the planets shifting? Is it the negativity flying through the air waves on the nightly news?

What happens to us when we feel that our feet are not on the ground? We begin to see things from a different perspective, albeit, that’s not a bad thing.  Focus seems lost and concentration is at a minimum.

Are those that are closest to you feeling the same or have your emotions just overflowed onto them? I find that when my feet are not on the ground that I begin to ask questions that I normally wouldn’t.

When our feet are planted firmly, answers do come more  easily, but is life supposed to be easy? Is uncertainty part of our growth process?  Can we live in a world of constant questioning, no way, can we live with the constant negative spin of the world around us.

When was the last time you turned on the television and picked up a positive story?

Do you hear from co-workers, family members and friends…

“I’ve been wronged”

“They owe me this, that, the other thing”

“That’s not how I would do it”

Take the great depression, do you think that anyone that lived through that era would be able to make a negative spin out of a “free loaf of bread?”

Perhaps our feet may not be grounded, feelings out of sync, questions flying around about the uncertain economy and the future, but somewhere out there, there is someone to hold you up, someone that is in your corner.  That is the positive force that we as a country have lost.

Everyone is aware of 9/11, it rocked our country to the core – do you recall the emotion it brought out in people across the country, people became kind and concerned about others,  people held doors for strangers, they said good morning, people took time for others…

Someone, something, somehow can help us get our feet back on the ground, it’s a matter of believing not only in others, but in yourself as well..




Great writing and I know even when I have two feet on the ground and firm, I still may be off my game.


I really found that quite inspiring and meaningful. Your drawing of the cradled feet was a nice compliment as well. I hope all of us can get our feet back on the ground and that a positivity of forces can be reasserted in all our lives.


When was the last time you turned on the television and picked up a positive story?

Actually .. I get positives everyday! That’s because I’m oblivious to the news, and only watch Star Trek and Family Guy type of TV shows 🙂

PS it really is a nice pencil sketch!


Great post. When I stop feeling grounded, I like to take a minute and do something for others. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but a small gesture or bit of help makes me feel more in tune.


Like the drawing. The writing is very interesting. I think when your “floating” we are in tune with our true self. At that point day-to-day worry really isn’t important, because that’s not who we really are. And when all is said and done “the rat race” isn’t the final goal. Perhaps, as the economy worsens, Americans will revert to their roots and realize what is truly important in life.

This would be a good topic for discussion sometime when we get together.


I feel rather unsettled myself – something is or is not happening and I feel uneasy and insecure.

You are very perceptive.

The drawing is very calming


@Henry I am not happy you are not grounded, but I do understand it completely and feel it too, you are not alone my friend, far away perhaps.. but not alone!

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