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What happened to Sexy?


Sexy? A state of mind, person or place that makes us think someone else is sexy? I was reading news of Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler and walking down memory lane of old celebrities that as a young teen I thought were so hot that I’d forge their autographs on the Teen Beat Centerfolds and proudly hang them on my wall.

This picture depicts Mickey Rourke in 9-1/2 weeks and Kim Bassinger as she hangs on his every breath with weak knees, along with another hottie of current days, Vin Diesel – the boy with the biceps and full of attitudability. Is it what people wear, how they carry themselves, a certain body part that our eyes convince our emotions that they are sexy?

What happened to Sexy?

Mickey Rourke was extremely sexy, from 9-1/2 weeks to Harley Davidson & The Marlboro Man, he had that bad boy attitudability…the attitude that takes away a womans ability to resist, he still has attitude, but the looks have drastically changed.

If beauty is in they eye of the beholder, are we fickle beholders when we see a recent photo of a Leif Garrett, Mickey Rourke or Jeff Conway? Or have our tastes just changed over the years? What happens to sexy? If we take an actor or actress for the merits of their fame, are we being shallow when their looks are lost with time and we no longer find them sexy?

When we mature, sexy matures with you, when you alter it, people know you have altered it, and the illusion is lost.  Altering yourself to re-capture your youth, rarely works, your “audience” is aging with you….

We all change over time, are we more likely to think one is sexy still when we see the changes happen slowly?.



An interesting take on what “sexy” is. I like the idea that we can decide for ourselves what seems sexy to us.

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I agree with you. As we age so does our perception of the world. Therefore sexy for us 20 years ago will be different with our sexy now. Still even though Raquel Welch is looks different, I still find her very sexy because as she matured so did my taste.

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Sexy is a constantly evolving term, sure it may be subjective although as you pointed out it’s constantly transitioning. What’s sexy now, sure as heck isn’t gonna be sexy in 20 or 30 years. That is until it makes turn around again like most styles and trends do.


Hi Susie ~ A really interesting and eloquent article. It’s strange, I was just visiting Robin Easton’s blog and left a comment “Is eroticism Evil” – that’s different from sexy in a subtle way – but erotic is always sexy but sexy is not always erotic.

Plastic surgery, trout pouts and all, betray the fragile people behind the God-mask that people have put up in front of them. Even Fay Dunaway looks like she’s been smacked across the mouth….she never (like Rourke) had full lips before….silly really


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