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What makes people change?



This is a question that I have pondered through out my life.  I am not talking the obvious reasons people change:

Having Kids
Medical Issues
Different Job

I am wondering what makes those around us, that we thought we knew, throw us a curve ball?

I was watching Moonlight last night, and the reasons Mick St. John changes are far out of his control. Those reasons I can comprehend, but yet, he stands true to one of his friends, no matter the cost to him.   What happened to good old fashioned friendship?

I don’t have an answer for this question, I can only wonder, if we all communicated what we thought, wouldn’t it be easier to accept a curve ball? What happened to honesty and integrity when it comes to friendships?  Just because we don’t like something one of our friends does, does it mean that we still can’t love the person?

Why are people falling short in the loyalty department? Why does there have to be so much drama around friendships?  When did “high maintenance” become part of the friendship DNA? What happened to just helping a brother out?

Does this boil down to the me generation? See, the questions continue to roll right out.  I am curious on how people just walk out of other people’s lives without ever turning back?

I am turning this post over to the floor for debate?


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Well for starters good post and good for you for bringing attention to this topic.

I have several views on this topic and most of them revolve around the ego. We are as a human race, not just today’s generation conditioned to society’s rules and family rules and preserving self. We do not live out of what makes sense to us but what was instilled in us. We don’t live through conscious thought and action but on the contrary the opposite.

Too many of us act in all sorts of negative ways because there is such a DISCONNECTION between people. We fail to see the oneness that binds us all.

You are right, if we communicated openly and honestly the entire world would be in a better place, but ultimately we are run by fear that stems out of our ego. Fear of what others will think, say and do.

Finally we are run by “conditional love”. I love you, I like you….but only if you stay like this or do this…etc.

So if you take 1) Conditional love, 2) Separateness, 3)Unconsciousness and 4)Fear = these three make for a very unpleasant and angry world.

I could go on and on on this forever. But bottom line there is hope, more and more people are waking up today and recognizing these factors and abolishing them. It is a slow change, but a change nonetheless.

Evitas last blog post..Detaching Self from “My Things and My Story”


Evita! Your comment ROCKS’s!

You are right, if we communicated openly and honestly the entire world would be in a better place, but ultimately we are run by fear that stems out of our ego. Fear of what others will think, say and do.

This statement that you wrote, is so well stated! I am really tired about this anger and fear that is instilled in so many. The fear of speaking your mind may loose your job. If you are approached by an ass, why simply can we not say, stop being an ass. It’s the fear of what may happen.. but do they, the ass consider what they just did to us?

THANKS for sharing this!


Hey great sketch and awesome post. I have been busy and wanted to post to say hey! I also noticed an issue with the right top side bar. Will fix on Sunday. Text is going over the border of the box.

Miss ya!


I love people and that is how I was raised. And Susie, you know that by our friendship through our blogs. We share at least one strong vibe, SRV and his vibe.
As we pass thorough life we meets lots of aquaintances, however if one in 100 become a lifelong blood friend, that is a score. I at 55, other than my nucleic family & old lady, probably only have about 4 or 5 blood friends that don’t require maintaiance and love me for what I am, don’t judge me and are devoutly loyal to me as I am to them. In other words, I would like to have them in a ‘foxhole’ with me. I know they would give their lives for me.

I’m very emotional and you will know my vibe fast, and I won’t fake it. I’m always receptive to more good true friends.

Racism and bigotry are not new and seem to be more ramapant than ever. True communications become lost and false. Lots of friends and relationships throughout history have been damaged by those two behaviors. My grandparents and almost all of their friends were Holocost survivors, tattooed and all.
they raised a bunch of great kids and, while not rich, made a good life. Those people are real heroes.

I probably said to much.

Great sketch Susie, by the way.


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Friends are only true friends when the relationship is unconditional. It is sad that so many times we have friends and then they leave our lives for whatever reasons. In my opinion the friendship relationship is the most important as we go on life’s journey. In marriage and long term partnerships it is the friendship aspect that holds fast and allows each partner to grow and develop.


hi, I just happened across your post here, and it”s that maybe can help me. first of all in my early years 10 to 40, I was a “mean drunk”
I was short tempered, selfish, and always in fights.
it also cost me a marriage. after going thru several treatments,dwi”s
the last one hit something, I call it devine intervention, but I changed. I did a 180 and now I became the most humble, easy, help anybody, nice guy. and it feels GOOD. but I”m afraid it came at a cost
for now it seems so many “friends” cant beleive I changed, or it brothers them. so now I geuss i”m really alone.
I don”t know if it is right to put this here, but I could really use any advise or help. lost and lonely


Hi Louie,
I don’t have much advice, but thought I’d say that your post made me feel 1000 times better – Im going through a hard time and need to know that people do sometimes change. Don’t give up, for sure. People can’t believe it at first, but after a while they will.

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