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When It Just Ain't Right


I’ve got wood..but not the type Frank is talking about over at Tech Jaws.

This is a piece that I knew was BAD.. and just wasn’t right. I beat myself up for 24 hours, knowing I totally missed the deal on this as well it being an unjust to my favorite subject.

This is a piece of work that will be auctioned off at a charity event coming up in February.  My husband did not understand my angst over it not being correct, but graciously spent several hours sanding it off for me.

I even asked my brother-in-laws opinion, and he said if I had to ask him, I knew it was not right! He always has an opininon.. most often times one that’s larger than he is.   I am not proud of this one, and it just pissed me off.. reworking pencil on natural wood is a pain in the ass.   I erased, re-drew, erased, re-drew and nothing, I just could not connect this time.

I highly suggest number one, if you are going to sketch on wood, as I have in the past, go lightly.  I mean that literally, it would have saved me time as well as Buck, but determined to get the darker shades down, I laid it on thick.. and the wood just soaked it up..and no matter how I tried, the mistakes could not be corrected.

There has to be a lesson in it right?  What makes us good? Going back at it and trying again.  Not wanting to butcher another guitar biting sketch, I opted for another favorite pic, really which one of them is not one of my favorites.  To many pictures of Stevie, too little time!

Walking away from a project or re-grouping early on is the best way of fixing something that is not going as you had planned.  We can all be off our game on any given day, I took a breather and with wood had clean fresh slate which is now turning into something that I can with confidence sign my name to.

Not all the work we do is perfection, not all the projects we are involved in can be “spectacular”, walk away with a lesson & a plan for the next one..



An absolutely piece of art! As always Susie you amaze me by your craft and writing.

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Hi Susie,

As I kept reading this I have to say I was shocked. I thought that you were joking or there was some punch line – I think this piece is amazing! Well at least I have to say it looks perfect in this picture.

Great job!

P.S. I am glad you found out you were tagged…I know some people like participating in these things and some people don’t, so I figured I’d leave it to chance – just so people don’t feel obligated to do it 🙂
And I am so glad you found it! If you are interested in doing the tag, I’d love to learn more about you 🙂

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Frank – as always thanks!

Evita – thanks for your nice comment – I just was so displeased and I couldn’t let it go.. that’s the incharge in me!


Hi Susie, I was shocked to see the pic before reading your post. “On wood??” wow.. you really could go quite an extent with your sketch. It’s hard to draw on wood, I know; but your result shows it’s possible for you to overcome it in the end. Great job.

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I too am shocked.
I thought not only was it a great piece of wood, but talk about being hard on yourself! I think it’s beautiful. Auctioning it… Personally, I hate to see it go!

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Anything Stevie Ray Vaughn is cool with me. Nice Art Suzie.
(and I fell for clicking the link to see what the ‘wood’ reference was all about…LOL)

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