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Where Have All The Men Gone?


wolf_pencil_sketchWhere Have All The Men Gone


Where have all the men gone? I see plenty of woman, youth and children, but fewer and fewer men.

Who will guard the camp?
Who will teach the youth and children?
Who will provide for family, the elderly, the disabled, the future of the people?
Who will fight the battles and right the wrongs?

I see what are supposed to be ment. They look like men, but sadly, they act like the youngest of our children.  Instead of children’s laughter or tears, I hear these men children crying that they did not receive their due, receive enough praise, be fed when they decided they hungered, have what they desired.

I hear the whining, complaining, cursing, bemoaning, gossiping, and aggravation coming from them.  I witness others being embarrassed, hurt, pained, torments by their actions.  I watch our Elders praying for a little peace, our woman beg for a little comfort, our children become confused.

How are the children and youth to learn anything from men whose temper tantrums and actions show them to be children themselves? Something is wrong, very wrong.  Something here can do more to destroy our people that all the other problems combined.  If we allow this to continue, we will loose another generation.  They will not know how a man is supposed to act or how a man truly conducts himself.

What example do they have to follow? What men do they have to look up to and admire and patter their life after? Our young men need this.  Our small boys need this. Our elders need this.  Our young woman need this. Our little girls need this.

Are there any men out there? If so, please join our few, protect our camp, teach our youth and children, listen and learn from our Elders, accept what Grandfather bestows on you and remember our teachings. What you need will come.  What you desire will be bestowed, if deserved.  What you accomplish will be seen by all without puffing of chest, strutting, demanind, cursing or acting like children.  Consider that maybe if it did not come, it was not meant to be.

I got this out of a Native American Newsletter, several years back, it still stands true, when you turn on the nightly news, and governors, senators, and people in the public eye are whining, crying because they were wronged, when in actuality it is their actions that brought on the wrongs.

We have service men fighting, defending and wishing they were home to enjoy their families… the brave, the warriors…

Lead by example, teach and be taught, and put your big boy pants on!.



They’ve gone. They have gone out. All the men have left in search of the beauty of an elusive woman after waking from a dream. Men are searching for her. Traveling from here to there, going everywhere. Never staying too long. Always hurried fast on.

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The men are being rubbed out and erased from the picture, by little boys who follow celebrity and whose allegiance is soley to themselves.


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nice post, it really explains a lot in our society today. very deep! i agree with it all. thanks for the inspiration.

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