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Who walks through your doors?


He walked in, tall, lanky and his eyes hidden behind shades.  Requesting something unusual, but not far fetched.  A customer, someone who shared a small portion of himself in a 10 minute conversation.

A few days later, he returned for yet another visit which was right after Memorial Day, during which I put on my POW/MIA bracelet, something that is not seen much these days.  He made his purchase and as I handed him a receipt, he held my arm..and asked about the bracelet.

He explained and began to go into detail of his past and having served in Vietnam, he said he had worn one of these for a friend that was MIA – after further conversation, he explained his lack of internet savvy, he found no real use for it.  I mentioned I’d look when I could online to see if there was any info I could find on his friend.

A few hours later, in the quiet of the store, I sat and looked up the name he had given me, I found him and a lot of information about his remains being returned home.  The lanky, shade covered gentleman came in a few days later to pick up his order and with it, I handed him the information I had found.. he sat quietly and read, you could feel the emotion it brought back to him.

He filled me in on more details of his life and his time overseas, I can only imagine the thoughts that ran through his mind.  It was in the next conversation that he asked if I “wouldn’t” mind ordering him a bracelet with his friends information engraved on it.   It was my pleasure…

We never know who is going to walk through our door, we never know what sort of emotion or lessons they can or may be able to instill in us.   Taking a moment out of our days to help others can give you one of the greatest satisfactions….next time your door opens, make sure your eyes and hearts are too!.

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Thanks for sharing this story with me. It is very touching in deed. You let your friend know that all those lost are always in my heart. And thank him for me for his service.I talked to a comrad of my uncle the otherday. He told me that it is terrible to have lost all his brothers there. But their pain is done. But those that returned home live with their pain til eternity. I know your friend has pains he lives with every day. Let him know we care. Thanks Susie…for everything!


Sometimes we are lucky to receive more than we came in for. It’s good that you were there for him.

That’s a really heartwarming account Susie

.-= soulMerlin´s last blog ..The Little Hut =-.


Wow, that gave me goose bumps.
You are right. We never know who is around the corner, or what that face staring back at us has been through or learned….
.-= Carol´s last blog ..Friends of MUSIC =-.


I agree, we will never knows who walks through our door.
but the important things is, we have to always open our heart when someone came up.


“Taking a moment out of our days to help others can give you one of the greatest satisfactions”

It touch my heart, I realized now.
thank you, your article remind me of this.

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